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7 Tips To Follow If You Can’t Buy Expensive Skincare Products

We all go through the days when we are pretty kangaal and our skin decides to act like Parveen phuppo i.e NOT TOLERATING AT ALL! No worries girlies, these are some life saving hacks you gotta check out instead of drooling over Body Shop’s tea tree cleanser which is for about 2,150/= pkr  OH LORD I’M TOO BROKE!

1 -Stay hydrated 24/7

Yes girls, this is the simplest yet the most important trick. Drinking water gives you a radiant, healthy, younger- looking complexion matlab green card holder ka rishta pakkaa!!

2 – Make some use of tomatoes

While your amma gets a kilo of tomatoes to make some spicy Bombay biryani or let’s say bambaeee biryani, rubbing frozen tomatoes on your face right after sun exposure soothes any sun damage.

3 – Cleansing is important

Use a mixture of yogurt and turmeric for a glowy skin and let your friends wonder how this kanjus got to buy Clinique’s clarifying lotion worth 4000/= pkr

[oooo lala ;)]

4 – Sunscreen

Sun is harsh. Use a sunblock whenever you go out even when its not sunny at all.

5 – Toner

Rose water is a natural toner. Get Saeed Ghani’s ayurvedic tonic which is a perfect dupe for any highend branded toner and keeps your skin fresh and hydrated.

6 – Dry skin is a NO NO

Do not over dry your skin, keep it mildly moisturize. Use baby powder if you have oily skin for a matte look.

7 – Minus one for foundations

Avoid using foundation it can cause break out in this harsh weather.

So girls, stop stressing out about your skin and follow these simple pocket friendly tips.

Share your secrets of a glowy and healthy skin because sadqa e jaria! 😀

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