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Get a New Android Device and Learn to Code with Google’s Grasshopper

Coding Get Easy with Google’s Grasshopper

Google Grasshopper - Mobile App - Learn to Code

Are you looking for an easy way to learn to code? If yes, then Google’s Grasshopper will teach you in an easy and fun way to code.

This fun coding game is for beginners.

Coding has never been easy. Many of you might run away just by hold the thick and heavy coding books. Even if you go online to learn to code, it could be a fearsome factor for you.

You don’t have long hours to sit and read to code or even practice. And the difficult tasks might kill your interest right before you dive deep into coding.

To help you give a push, here comes Google’s Grasshopper.

This app will help you start learning to code.

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Google’s Grasshopper, after installing on your Android device, will teach your very first lesson of drawing a French Flag. This would be a demo, where first you’ll be guided with each and every step to code.

First Lesson - Grasshopper

The game gets tougher after every step. You’d be required to practice on a regular basis. You’d practice every day, every other day, twice a day, or set your own practice days.

After the first lesson, comes the second drawing a Gabonese Flag. No guide as in the first lesson. Only an image of the Gabonese Flag and the code functions to be used.

As Grasshopper is a fun puzzle game to code, you won’t find it hard or boring to use. All you need is to code.

Once you’re done with your first to lessons, you would be prompted to take a part in an easy quiz. This one-question quiz is just extracted from the lessons you learned in the first two practice games.

Quiz 0 Google Grasshopper

This fun-puzzle coding app-game hugely runs around JavaScript. Functions and variables are broken into lessons so that you’d have a better understanding of them and join them later on.

Google’ Grasshopper is developed by Google’s Area 120 incubator. This function runs its experiments to create new apps and more and help its users learn new skills.

Grasshopper is similar to Duolingo, an android app by Duolingo to help you learn multiple languages in a fun way.

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Apps like these are developed to help everyone learn new skills. Developers are well aware that no one has too much time to spend on their Android devices to switch on and learn something new in a traditional mode. They’re more into making your lives easy and skillful.

You won’t become an expert coder using this app. But would get a good know-how and might also be able to walk through coding in deep using the tradition mode of education.

If you don’t own a smartphone, you’d check new Android-based devices here and choose from this huge list of smartphones.

Google’s Grasshopper is not only available on Google Play, but also in App Store. And is absolutely free to download and use.

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Written by Muhammad Bilal


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