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Get Your Summer Outfits 2018 from Online Pakistani Stores

Shop Summer Tops Online in Pakistan

Winter is all gone and summer is catching up its pace in Pakistan and it’s time to say your farewells to your winter dresses and fill your closets with summer outfits 2018.

Every season brings its own special collection. Like for the winter collection, we all love to get the new jackets, sweaters, uppers, and hoodies. These put-ons have a value of their own.

But for summers we get rid of these and replace them with light-weight dresses.

In this post, I have managed to gather some new collection of summer outfits 2018 in Pakistan. Check them, read their reviews, order and go out in style.

Women Summer Tops Collection 2018

Western Women Tops

Summer Denim Kurti by HnJ’s

Summer Denim Top - Online Stores Pakistan

This denim kurti is for your summer put on. This is not a party wear but could be worn when hanging out with friends or family.


The dress is a medium length kurti; not too long, not too short. The kurti is designed by HnJ’s and is available online.

The shirt is available in blue and has a simple design; flowers printed. Sleeves are loose and are not sweaty at all.

You can buy it from; for just Rs. 1059/

Summer Long Denim Shirt by HnJ’s

Long Summer Denim Shirt - Online Pakistani Stores

If you love long coats, this summer denim shirt is the perfect piece for you.

This long summer denim shirt is like a long coat and could be worn over a t-shirt.

If you like being casual, this long shirt could be put-on for parties. Or you could best use them when going out with friends and family or even in your universities.

The shirt is available in blue and could be ordered from for just Rs. 1099/-

Summer Chiffon Blouse by Charji Shop

Shop Online Pakistan - Pink Summer Chiffon Blouse


This short shirt (blouse) is a summer chiffon stylish wear-on for small parties, gatherings, hanging outs or might work well in-house. The blouse comes from Charji Shop.

The dress is small and lightweight and comes in pink, yellow, white, and blue, making it a perfect put-on for summers.

If ordered online, the summer chiffon blouse could be found on; and it costs only Rs. 1090/-

Summer Floral Chiffon Blouse by Charji Shop

Summer Tops - Pakistani Online Store


This top is almost as similar to the above but has some difference in its design.

It’s a small blouse with small sleeves and best suits when attending in-door parties or shopping.

The top is a light-weight blouse and comes in multiple colors

This summer floral chiffon blouse could be bought from and has a price tag of Rs. 1320/- with free shipping.

Eastern Women Tops

Casual Summer Embroidered Kurti by d’Orhni Casuals


If you aren’t into western dresses and like to wear eastern dresses, this is one good piece for you.

This is a summer print embroidered kurti by d’Orhni Casual and comes in multiple colors.

The kurti has long sleeves, a square daman, embroidered neck, and is a summer cotton.

If you want to buy it online, you could find it on; and would cost you only Rs. 1099/-

Summer Fantasy Lawn by Al-Karam


This is an unstitched dress by Al-Karam. The dress material is lawn with digital embroidery on it.

The dress comes with 3 meters 2 piece and is available online from; and would cost you around Rs. 1349/-

Summer Linen Embroidered Dress by Reigningstones

This is the last from the eastern collection and also of this post.

The dress is a complete dress (3 pieces) by Reigningstones. The top is colored in yellow and the dupata and the shalwar comes in blue.

The shirt has an embroidery design on the shoulders while the shalwar is fully embroidered with a plain chunri (dupata).

The dress could be bought online from and would cost you just Rs. 1170/-

Get Your Summer Outfit 2018 from Online Stores in Pakistan

I have listed 7 summer tops collection for women for 2018. Four of them could be counted as western and 3 as eastern.

But there are tons of summer collection available online in Pakistan. You just need to type in your required product, read the reviews, and order them online to get the best top for your closet this summer 2018.

What do you think?

Written by Muhammad Bilal

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