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Is it worth buying Close Comfort personal air-conditioner in Pakistan?

Personal air-conditioners help save 90% on electricity bills but can they keep you cool?

With summers hitting Pakistan in full swing, the weather is getting hotter and hotter day by day. People who can afford the use of air-conditioning have already started using them frequently to stay cool in this harsh heat.

But for those who are unable to pay large electricity bills due to use of frequent air-conditioning, staying cool can come with a very high price that often causes people to keep their ACs shut off.

Recently, a personal air-conditioner product by the name Close Comfort launched in Pakistan claiming that it can keep you cool while saving electricity bills up to 90%.

Although Close Comfort saves massively on bills, but can it really keep you cool?

The Close Comfort Air-Conditioner is a personal small form factor AC that is used in homes to keep temperature cold. But since it is a personal AC, you either have to sit very close to it to get the benefits or use a specially developed tent that comes with it.

The approximately PKR 20,000 personal air conditioner comes with a tent that can easily be set over a king size bed in your room. However, to be able to get the best out of the personal air conditioner, you must remain inside the tent at all times.

While this has shown to work for most people, other claims that the product is quite useless because it has a very small air-flow ratio which can only keep things cool in a very small space, hence the tent.

So if you are looking forward to buying your first ever personal air-conditioner such as the Close Comfort, keep in mind that it is intended to be used under the specially designed tent.

Power usage of Close Comfort

The Close Comfort AC operates at about 295 watts when it is fully functional. This means that your electricity bill will range anywhere from PKR 900 – PKR 1800 if used every night.

295 watts of power also means that you can operate the AC on a UPS that has at least 1-kva of output.

Should you buy Close Comfort?

The only downside is that Close Comfort comes at an approximate price of PKR 20,000 for the PC8 model while the newer PC9 model can cost up to PKR 40,000.

The cooling power of the AC is enough to keep two people cool at night but if more people are squeezed in the tent, it can easily become hard for the AC to manage the temperature.

So make sure that if you do plan to buy Close Comfort PC8 or Close Comfort PC9, you should be a small family.

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Written by Ali

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