in for Fruits & Vegetables – A Necessity of Daily Diet

Fruits and vegetables online shopping in Pakistan for Fruits & Vegetables – A Necessity of Daily Diet

Many e-stores in Pakistan are operating in the fruits and vegetable industry. However, none of them has become a household entity yet. is looking to grab that place for good by providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Personally, there is not much to say about consumer goods services. It is becoming increasingly common among online vendors to deliver groceries late, taking more than 2 or 3 hours. Online shopping for fruits and vegetables faces a similar dilemma. But with names like, the trust of people will rebuild hopefully.

Online Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables Saves Time

It is a no-brainer that we are often engaged in other chores, and groceries go ignored. In Pakistan, online grocery shopping is very much alive but, apparently, it is hiding in plain sight. People, although, are savvy online shoppers, do not gossip much about groceries., however, has set the tone. Doing good business in only a couple of months of its launch, which is a great accomplishment.

It saves time because the traffic in Lahore is like a monster without a leash. Order through the phone or just use the e-store and add fruits and vegetables you desire to cart. After adding the products and vegetables to the cart, click the little shopping icon to check out. It’s easy, but if you are new to the computer, you can directly call them at 0304-111-7355.

User Friendly and Easy to Navigate Site

The website greets you with images of seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is a pretty sight. But what’s more important is the quality they offer. Ordering online or directly calling at their number 0304-111-7355 is enough to make your day. Fruits and vegetables online at are fresh and tested for quality before they make the delivery.

The Freshness Factor

The Quality Controllers at ensure only premium products go to the customers. Since fruits and vegetables have a shorter shelf life, there needs to be a quick delivery mechanism. To be right on the money, they make faster deliveries, within 45 minutes.

What is more important than building trust and earning loyal customers as a result? These things co-occur, courtesy, the effort of the entire team. By leaving any one of those things out of the equation, you cannot expect to make money or prosper. Furthermore, if you do, the whole system comes down like a landslide.’s management reminds itself of the fact that they are here to serve and win hearts, irrespective of any financial gains.

Great Customer Service

The quality of the products is one part of the equation. However, customer service also plays a critical role in ensuring extraordinary user journey. The highly trained staff attentively listens to customers concerns and delivers the feedback to the head office. The point here is that ordering fruits and vegetables online at is a win-win situation. If the items are stale, you can return them right away. Do visit their Facebook store for fresh stock.

Cash on Delivery

The current mode is cash on delivery. Although, I think they should be offering the ‘swipe your debit card’ option, for some reason they are not there yet. However, it isn’t a big deal because they are just starting. Hats off to them for their fast services. The way they operate makes you wonder if they have been here for years.

Healthy and Affordable

Online shopping for fruits and vegetables is a healthy activity. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients to function and fruits and vegetables are full of them. brings to you high-quality produce at your doorstep in handy bags. tags are hanging by those pouches.

In Pakistan, especially in Lahore, we need more online stores like to cater to the growing population.

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