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[QUIZ] Are you an iPhone X person or a Samsung Galaxy S9 person?

Can’t decide whether you should go for an iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy S9 for your next big upgrade? Let’s see what your personality says about this important decision.

Answer these questions and we’ll reveal which phone best works with your personality.

  • Question of

    After watching your weight for 3 months, you finally get the chance to eat something good, what do you pick as your meal?

    • Biryani
    • Beef Steak
    • Double patty burger
    • Palao
    • Stick to your diet
  • Question of

    When you book Careem, what vehicle type do you choose?

    • GO
    • GO+
    • Business
    • Bike/Rickshaw
    • You’d rather use Uber
  • Question of

    After waiting for 45 minutes for your order, the food finally arrives. What do you do first?

    • Say Bismillah
    • Instagram the food
    • Grab fork and knife and eat
    • Stuff as fast as you can
  • Question of

    A long weekend is approaching, what are your plans?

    • Go for a short adventure
    • Study or work hard for success
    • Play games, watch movies or TV Shows
    • Meet as many friends as you can
    • Sleep through
  • Question of

    What is your favorite sport?

    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Tennis
  • Question of

    Its late in the night and you’re really hungry, what do you do?

    • Order food
    • Cook something
    • Go out and get something
    • Get your sibling to make you something
    • Do nothing and try to sleep
  • Question of

    Your least favorite relative has come to your home, what do you do?

    • Pretend you’re sick and sleep
    • Say hi anyway
    • Leave home for an unexpected meeting
    • Welcome them with open arms

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