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Top 5 LED TVs You Can Find in Pakistan

We are long past the days when CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) TVs with their bulky designs used to be found in every household. Nowadays, flat-screen TVs with their lightweight and slim design, high-definition screens, and vast range of features have become the trend. However, not all flat-screen TVs are the same. In fact, there are essentially three types of flat-screen TVs: LCDs, LEDs, and CCFLs. Among these, LED TVs have become the most popular choice for consumers around the world because of their efficiency and very low power consumption. A few years ago, LED TVs used to be quite expensive but with time, these prices have gone down. Now, you can find LED TVs starting from prices as low as Rs. 6,720. If you are looking to replace your old and heavy CRT TV or looking to move on from your current flat-screen TV to a better one then you have a wide range of options for LED TVs available. We have made it easier for you to choose the right one by putting together a list of the top 5 LED TVs in this blog post.

  1. Samsung LED TV:

Samsung is a world leader in consumer electronics and their range of LED TVs are inarguably one of the best in terms of features and picture quality. You can find Samsung LED TVs starting from as small as 24-inches to a big as 85-inches with a range of varying features. The basic LED TVs from Samsung come with basic TV features such as auto-tune but high-end LED TVs feature a range of smart features such as web browsing, live streaming, and gameplay which you would expect in a Smart TV. In terms of design, Samsung LED TVs are slim and feature a rigid build quality but what stands out is there curved LEDs that look spectacular and provide a brilliant viewing angle. In terms of picture quality, Samsung stands hand-in-hand with its competition and its UHD 4K-resolution series of LED TVs offers a premium-level viewing experience. You can find Samsung LED TVs from a price tag of 21,499 that comes with a decent picture quality and all the basic features that you would expect from an entry-level LED TV.

  1. Sony LED TV:

Sony is known for its excellent quality of electronics products particularly products that feature audio-video output. Sony LED TVs are no exception to this with Sony offering exceptional audio and picture quality in all of them. You can find Sony LED TVs from a price of just 33,200 starting from sizes as small as 32-inches and features such as Dolby Audio and Live Color Enhancement. The most standout series among all Sony LED TVs though is the Sony BRAVIA TV series which features the renowned BRAVIA engine for high-quality audio and gorgeous picture quality. The high-end Sony LED TVs come packed with features such as HDR, X-Reality Pro, live streaming, web browsing, and other Smart TV options. In terms of features, we can inarguably say that Sony has one of the best HDR displays and surround sound systems among all of its competition providing you a complete and immersive viewing experience.

  1. EcoStar LED TV:

EcoStar is a rising name in the consumer electronics market of Pakistan, particularly because of its home appliances such as washing machines and water dispensers. EcoStar LED TVs are an economical option which offers a sleek design and a good overall viewing experience. You can find these LED TVs from Ecostar from prices starting from just Rs. 13,999. EcoStar LED TVs come in a range of sizes from 19-inches to up to 65-inches with the high-end options featuring a HDR picture quality. In terms of cost-per-value, EcoStar LED TVs are among the best in the market but the high-end LED TVs of EcoStar do not fare as well as those by Samsung or Sony. The basic economical LED TVs by EcoStar, on the other hand, come with FHD resolution and the Motion Engine technology which makes them an excellent option for a budget LED TV.

  1. Haier LED TV:

Haier is a renowned name in Pakistan’s consumer electronics market, especially because of its air conditioners and LED TVs. Haier offers some of the best mid-range LED TVs in the market with features such as FHD resolution, auto-volume, web browsing, and live streaming all with an average price of Rs. 30,000. You can find the most basic Haier LED TVs in the sizes starting from 32-inches at a price of just Rs. 22,191. A key benefit of purchasing Haier products, particularly Haier LED TVs, in Pakistan is that these can be easily repaired, replaced, and resold in the market because Haier is established as a local brand. The LED TVs from Haier offer you a great viewing experience at a budget-friendly price while having low-cost maintenance and replacement at the same time.

  1. LG LED TV:

LG is a global consumer electronics brand that is highly popular in Pakistan. LG products are preferred because of their reliable performance, high quality, and most importantly, reasonable pricing. You can find LG LED TVs in Pakistan starting from a price of just Rs. 22,990. At the base price, you will find a 24-inch LED TV with a lightweight slim design and features such as built-in games and USB/HDMI support. When you move on towards the midrange and high-end though, LG LED TVs offer a premium viewing experience through FHD and UHD displays with an excellent sound surround system from Dolby Audio. The high-end LG LED TVs include a range of Smart TV features such as Active-HDR, Light Control, and webOS with internet connectivity, live streaming, gameplay, and web browsing functionalities. If you are looking for the perfect LED TV for a theatre-like experience then we recommend that you consider the range of high-end LG LED TVs that are available.

Whether you are looking to replace your broken TV or build your very own home theatre, there are a variety of LED TVs that you can choose from. The aim is to find a LED TV that provides a great viewing experience, an immersive audio experience, and a range of features all while staying within our budget. In this blog post, we have listed the top LED TVs that you can find in Pakistan by Samsung, Sony, EcoStar, Haier, and LG. is a one-of-a-kind product search engine that features products from a wide range of online stores in Pakistan. You can check out the latest prices, deals, and availability of your favourite products on the search engine.

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Written by Saad Mughal

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