Top 7 Refrigerators You Can Find in Pakistan

Refrigerators are one of the essential home appliances that you need to have, particularly during the summers. Whether it is for cold water or preserving food for the day, a refrigerator is an absolute necessity for the common household. When it comes to choosing refrigerators, there are a lot of variables involved. These include capacity, cooling power, energy consumption, and features among other things. Considering all of these factors while finding a refrigerator within your budget can be a daunting task. To help you out, we have listed down the top 7 refrigerators that you can find in Pakistan in this blog post.

  1. Dawlance Refrigerator:

Dawlance is a well-known name in the home appliances industry in Pakistan. Dawlance refrigerators are perhaps the most common choice in Pakistan and these can be found in every other household. The reliable cooling and durable lifespan of these refrigerators is one reason why these are highly popular. The Dawlance LVS, Monogram, and H-Zone are the most sought-after series of refrigerators which feature options such as low-voltage technology, fast cooling technology, and inverter technology for reduced electricity consumption. You can find Dawlance refrigerators from as low as Rs. 19,500 in Pakistan with capacity of up to 18.5 cubic feet.

  1. Orient Refrigerator:

Orient is a renowned electronics manufacturer in Pakistan. Orient refrigerators are known for their unique designs and excellent cooling capabilities. These refrigerators come in a wide range of capacities from as small as 3.5 cubic feet to as large as 18 cubic feet. The high-end refrigerators from Orient include features such as Turbo Cooling, Anti-Bacterial Gaskets, Vegetable Crisper, and 360-degree cooling. Orient Diamond, Ruby, and Ice are the most popular series of Orient refrigerators. Furthermore, you can find a range of Mini refrigerators and Room refrigerators available by Orient as well.  You can find these Orient refrigerators from prices as low a Rs. 22,500 in Pakistan.

  1. Samsung Refrigerator:

If you are looking for a power-packed refrigerator that delivers excellent cooling with a line of innovative features then a Samsung refrigerator is for you. Samsung refrigerators come with features such as inverter technology, multi-flow cooling, no-frost cooling, touch-screen interface, and dual-door technology. Not just this, but you can find Samsung refrigerators in generous capacities of up to 21.8 cubic feet which is adequate for all of your kitchen needs. In terms of cooling and features, Samsung refrigerators are inarguably the best. However, they are priced much higher than their competitors as well which makes them inappropriate for people who are on the budget. Even the most basic Samsung refrigerator starts from a price tag of Rs. 73,299.

  1. LG Refrigerator:

LG is a popular consumer electronics brand across the world and its quality of products is what sets it apart from its competition. Like Samsung, you can find exceptionally powerful and high-quality refrigerators from LG. These refrigerators come with features such as stainless-steel design, fresh cooling filters, and door-in-door designs. High-end LG refrigerators feature a line of intuitive functions such as SmartThinQ, automated door and drawer, Wi-Fi display, and in-built dispenser with a capacity of up to 31 cubic feet! Unlike Samsung though, LG refrigerators do not have a very high base price as well and you can find a suitable LG refrigerator with up to 9 cubic feet of capacity in a price of juts Rs. 38,000.

  1. PEL Refrigerator:

PEL is an established home appliances manufacturer in Pakistan which offers cost-effective and budget-friendly products for the common household. PEL refrigerators come in a range from capacities starting from 7.5 cubic feet and up to 18.5 cubic feet for higher prices. These refrigerators feature options such as fast cooling, humidity control, low-voltage technology, and a touch-screen interface (for high-end options). Though PEL refrigerators are not as innovative or high-tech as LG refrigerators or Samsung refrigerators, these still offer you great value for money and the economical options are ideal for families who are on a budget. PEL Aspire and Arctic are popular refrigerator series by the manufacturer. You can find PEL refrigerators starting from a price tag of Rs. 25,200 in Pakistan.

  1. Haier Refrigerator:

When it comes to economical and budget-friendly home appliances then Haier stands out as one of the best manufacturers. The case is no different with Haier refrigerators which come in a range of capacities and features suitable for your household needs. HRF and E-Star are leading series of refrigerators by Haier. The capacity of these refrigerators varies from as small as 4.5 cubic feet to as large as 25 cubic feet. The high-end Haier refrigerators come with features such as dual doors, stainless steel design, no-frost technology, and touch interface while basic functions such as Turbo Cooling and Electric Shock Protection are a part of all Haier refrigerators. You can find Haier refrigerators starting from just Rs. 20,500 in Pakistan.

  1. Waves Refrigerator:

A decade ago, Waves used to be a leading electronics manufacturer and its refrigerators were quite popular in Pakistan. However, its popularity diminished as more and more competition arrived. Now, Waves primarily focuses on producing deep freezers among other home appliances but the quality of its refrigerators is still very high. Waves Vista is the most popular series of refrigerators by Waves and it features capacities of up to 15 cubic feet. The features include Anti-Fungal Gaskets, Low-Voltage Operation, and Fast Cooling. You can find Waves refrigerators from a price of Rs. 29,235 in Pakistan.

There is a vast variety of refrigerators available from various manufacturers and while all of them have just about the same lifespan, they all come with a range of different options and features. For instance, one refrigerator might have excellent energy efficiency while the other might have a powerful compressor for cooling. If you move towards the high-end refrigerators then you find intelligent and automated refrigerators which can handle all the power consumption and cooling calculations for you. In this blog post, we have listed down the top 7 refrigerators that you can find in Pakistan which include refrigerators by manufacturers Dawlance, Orient, Samsung, LG, PEL, Waves, and Haier. is a one-of-a-kind product search engine that features products from a wide range of online stores in Pakistan. You can check out the latest prices, deals, and availability of your favourite products on the search engine.

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