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Xiaomi Mi Mix Review

It’s pretty much obvious the element of surprise is lacking now in the upcoming smartphones, whether it’s Apple or Samsung. As if the innovations stagnated. Apple will be introducing the same exterior design for the next three years, while Samsung after so many generations switched to the ‘no home button’ concept. Not everyone enjoys jumping on the bandwagon but don’t be disappointed, China’s brand ‘Xiaomi’ has introduced their newest creation and started shipping across the globe; “Mi Mix”.


The Xiaomi Mi Mix is the face of the future as some say it’s nothing less than any smartphone ever built. First look portrays as if it’s a concept phone, another one of those dummies over the internet, nonetheless it’s in production and you can purchase it right now. So, how is it different than any other Apple or Samsung phone? Because theirs 90% of screen on front of the panel. Yes you heard me. A bezel-free screen which covers almost the entire front LCD panel. Has a 6.4 inch IPS LCD display with a 17:9 aspect ratio. 14% bigger than Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple’s IPhone 7 plus. Although 14% doesn’t seem to make much of a difference but the pictures do the talking.

Rumors had that IPhone 8 and S8 will be coming with a bezel less display but Xiaomi Mi Mix got the better of them. Just look at it. Top notch elegance. Glance where the screen ends, curves with the body of the smartphone. Drop dead gorgeous in all spheres.

Processor and Performance

The Mi Mix comes with a jaw dropping 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor running at 2.35ghz. A cheaper model with 4GB RAM is a standard one, however that will not be available and you won’t get the gold tempered 18K accents around on the edge of the camera lens and fingerprint sensor.

The Snapdragon 821 chip has proved an all-star for gaming. Faces no lags and hangs, keeping the operating system move with a flow making web browsing faster with page loads quicker in low network connection as well. Moreover the app launch if compared with IOS, its super-fast thanks to the processor leading to amazing gaming experience.

Gaming is more enjoyable on the Mi Mix’s huge, splendid and delightful screen. For all you gamers this is the ultimate device for high resolution gaming experience thanks to the large screen size and no bezel display. Mi Mix plays HD games in such continuity that its simple flawless, as games load faster and quicker with no lags at all.

How is it that a device as simple as the Mi Mix stand out? Well you won’t figure it out unless you get a first-hand experience with it. From the “Mix designed by Mi” logo on the back to the lack of sensors and speakers on the front. Speakers are manufactured in a way that are planted behind the screen, while specially designed piezoelectric technology is used to transmit sound to your ear drums. Not as simple as it looks.

The exterior body is built from ceramic rather than metal plastic or glass. A white handset also comes in a glossy shine. Stunning and appealing to the eye. However unless you carry a cloth with you, or wear gloves like you’re cradling a priceless artefact every time you pick the phone up, it’s going to get covered in fingerprints.

Putting Mi Mix through some benchmark tests proved above average performance where AnTuTu gives an outstanding 153,637 reading putting the phone in the top five overall results.

Battery and Software

For all those anxiously waiting to hear about the battery, stating it won’t last a day are nowhere near it. Mi Mix is packed with a large 4,400 mAh battery. Enormous and gives at least two regular days usage without worrying to find the charger. This battery life is so far better than any other smartphone with specifications these high end. The unique part, it has a quick charge, which charges your phone in a few minutes without making your phone boil.

In case it’s not obvious, Mi Mix won’t let you spend money on power banks.

Question arises why is there an Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed? It’s not the latest version 7.0 Nougat, mainly due to MIUI, Xiaomi’s own user interface. It molds Android extensively, to the point where Android Pay won’t work because it considers MIUI a custom version of the operating system.

Being a Chinese phone it’s built with Xiaomi’s app store but that doesn’t lessons the interface functionality. Version 8 of MIUI is installed and the imported version comes with Google Play all ready to go. That means you don’t have to deal with Xiaomi’s app store, and can install all the usual Google apps and YouTube directly from Play. Early setup takes a while, but its smooth as ice with downloads and device software installations.

Discussing the MIUI – the lesser form of Android that is in reality extremely mainstream in the Chinese market is exceptionally smooth. Xiaomi develops their working framework in view of user feedback and the outcome is by all accounts an entirely smooth cycle of the Android environment. While the dullness of putting every one of my applications in folders strewn about the home screens is something ridiculous, however getting around the interface is a generally easy ordeal.

In a shell, MIUI is a different take on Android that doesn’t hinder or really add too much to the experience of Google’s OS as a whole. While there are a few elements that MIUI clients (and clients of other Chinese interfaces) appreciate contrasted with their Western partners, they do not make or break what is otherwise a standardly useful affair.


Xiaomi stepped up a notch with Mi Mix’s camera setup, bringing a 16-megapixel rear camerawith a Sony IMX318 sensor, an f/2.0 aperture and phase-detection autofocus while a specially produced 5-megapixel selfie cam on the bottom right of the screen. Sounds bizarre, right? Let’s talk about that.Peculiarity in this design is the front-confronting camera. By definition it must be on the front because of the bezel enlargement, it’s placed in the bottom right corner. Reminds of the Dell XPS 13, another gadget that dislodged the camera to make space for a tiny bezel. To start off, both gadgets have hideous camera edges. Be that as it may, with a cell phone rather than a portable PC, settling this is simple; just flip it over. The prescribed selfie mode is with the “base” bezel at the top, which brings about a typical front-confronting camera introduction. At whatever point the camera is active, auto rotate mode empowers a 180-degree turn, the entire UI flips over as well.

Contemporary designs led to making smaller screens spending more on creation of space on top of the screen for camera. However this design empowers a bigger screen and less squandered space in return for flipping the gadget over when it’s selfie or video call time. An alternate bargain than the one a great many people are utilized to, yet I think this change is a net constructive one. You utilize the screen much more than the camera, so it bodes well to structure of the screen the screen.

Sadly, there’s no optical image stabilization except there is electronic stabilization. The specs may not be stellar and although we’ve been spoiled by some great dual-lens cameras recently, the Mi Mix’s rear camera takes good pictures. However, the HDR mode is aggressive — pushing out shadows and really enhancing blue skies, — and even though we find the pictures pleasing, some may prefer the way the camera performs without it.
Brand loyalty is quite important in the rest of the world. Maybe in China Mi Mix would be opt for, rather than Samsung. Although Mi Mix breaks all boundaries when compared with Samsung flagships such as the S8 edge. S8 is not even close to what Mi Mix is providing in terms of design and technicalities.

Meanwhile the Mi Mix has been praised in different countries, the Xiaomi is entering the Pakistani market soon, with a price of Rs62, 999, available at Market leaders in the local market should be on guard regarding this brand entrance because it is offering far more than any other smartphones. Once its brand image is built just as the ‘Q mobile’ it will be breaking the current monopoly in Pakistan.

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