Gree GS-12PITH11W Pular WIFI Inverter AC - 1 Ton Price

  -   Rs. 145,999

The Lowest price of Gree GS-12PITH11W Pular WIFI Inverter AC - 1 Ton in Pakistan is Rs. 145,999, and the estimated average price is Rs. 149,816. Previously the price was Rs. 147,999 in November, approximately a 2% decrease. Latest Dec 2023 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

Gree Air Conditioners prices have gone down 1% in the last 30 days. Gree GS-12PITH11W Pular WIFI Inverter AC - 1 Ton is widely available online.

  • Capacity: 1 Ton
  • Inverter Or Fixed: Inverter Ac
  • Energy Saving: Yes
  • Room Size: Up to 120 Square Feet
  • Wi-fi: Yes
  • BTU (Per Hour): 12000 BTUs/ hour

For homeowners looking to save energy, the Gree GS - 12PITH11W is a new AC with a capacity of 1 Ton / 12000 BTUs inverter air conditioner is a vital purchase. In addition to the highlights on its capacity and energy-saving features, the best inverter air conditioner in Pakistan also meets performance requirements and has excellent after-sales service. Gree GS - 12PITH1W comes with a 150V low voltage start-up, 12000 BTU capacity, and auto voltage adaptation of 150V to 260V. The elegant curved design of this 1-ton Pular Series inverter air conditioner featuring G-10 inverter technology rates A+ for energy efficiency allowing energy savings of up to 60% with an eco-friendly refrigerant. Furthermore, it features a 3-D cooling/heating system that covers an extended distance for greater comfort. Seamless Design with double air deflectors enables air to flow even at a 90° angle. The device features WiFi technology, through which the user can control the AC, as well as an ultra-low frequency torque control that enables auto-restarting. By delivering low energy consumption, as well as precise WIFI temperature and noise control through turbo seven fan speed adjustments, the Gree GS – 12PITH11W Pular WIFI Inverter AC – 1 Ton ACs have a cooling BTU/H (H/S/L*) of 12966/11942/1024 and heating Output Capacity (W) (H/S/L*) of 14330/12966/2388. Finally, they are highly energy efficient with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) ratio of 3.6 for both heating and cooling.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Apr 2022 Rs. 89,999
Apr 2022 Rs. 90,400
Apr 2022 Rs. 90,399
Apr 2022 Rs. 89,999
May 2022 Rs. 90,399
May 2022 Rs. 87,999
May 2022 Rs. 90,399
Jun 2022 Rs. 90,400
Jun 2022 Rs. 91,999
Jun 2022 Rs. 94,000
Nov 2022 Rs. 97,999
Nov 2022 Rs. 94,000
Jan 2023 Rs. 100,400
Jan 2023 Rs. 104,999
Jan 2023 Rs. 104,000
Jan 2023 Rs. 106,099
Feb 2023 Rs. 109,900
Mar 2023 Rs. 131,880
Apr 2023 Rs. 139,000
Apr 2023 Rs. 145,000
Jul 2023 Rs. 147,000
Jul 2023 Rs. 146,999
Sep 2023 Rs. 149,999
Nov 2023 Rs. 147,999
Nov 2023 Rs. 145,999
Dec 2023 Rs. 145,999

Gree GS-12PITH11W Pular WIFI Inverter AC - 1 Ton Specs

Capacity 1 Ton
Inverter Or Fixed Inverter Ac
Energy Saving Yes
Room Size Up to 120 Square Feet
Wi-fi Yes
BTU (Per Hour) 12000 BTUs/ hour