Sony 43 Inch 43W660F LED TV Price

  -   Rs. 69,299

The Lowest price of Sony 43 Inch 43W660F LED TV in Pakistan is Rs. 69,299, and the estimated average price is Rs. 78,870. Previously the price was Rs. 69,999 in March, approximately a 2% decrease. Latest Jun 2021 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

Sony LED TV prices have gone down 1% in the last 30 days. Sony 43 Inch 43W660F LED TV is widely available online.

The Sony 43W660F is one of the newest models from the Sony Bravia series that provides a comfortable viewing experience with a durable design. This 43-inch flat FHD LED TV features the X-Reality Pro engine with Live Colour technology that ensures excellent color reproduction with great contrast and sharpness. Overall, the image quality is quite impressive, particularly if you are looking to watch 1080p TV shows and movies on your LED TV. The connectivity features cover all the basics including USB, HDMI, and smartphone connectivity. The HDR10 feature further adds to the overall quality of the picture enabling a superb viewing for users. Overall, if you are looking for an excellent non-smart FHD LED TV then the Sony 43W660F is a good choice to consider.

  • Screen Size: 43-inch
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
  • Smart Features: No
  • Hdmi: Yes

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Aug 2019 Rs. 70,999
Feb 2020 Rs. 66,999
May 2020 Rs. 63,999
Jun 2020 Rs. 69,999
Jul 2020 Rs. 63,999
Sep 2020 Rs. 69,999
Oct 2020 Rs. 64,349
Oct 2020 Rs. 69,299
Oct 2020 Rs. 67,899
Oct 2020 Rs. 69,299
Nov 2020 Rs. 68,699
Nov 2020 Rs. 69,299
Dec 2020 Rs. 67,999
Dec 2020 Rs. 69,299
Dec 2020 Rs. 69,499
Jan 2021 Rs. 69,299
Jan 2021 Rs. 68,499
Jan 2021 Rs. 69,299
Feb 2021 Rs. 69,999
Mar 2021 Rs. 69,299
Mar 2021 Rs. 69,999
Mar 2021 Rs. 69,299
Jun 2021 Rs. 69,299

Sony 43 Inch 43W660F LED TV Specs

Screen Size 43-inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 (Full Hd)
Smart Features No
Built-in Woofer No
Hdr Yes
Curved Screen No
Usb Yes
Hdmi Yes
Bluetooth No