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Motorbikes prices start from Rs. 85,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are City Motorcycle Deluxe 70CC (Without Registration), Super Star SS 70CC (Without Registration), Union Star 70CC (Without Registration), and Yamaha YBR 125CC (Without Registration).

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Bikes - Price Summary

Model Price
City Motorcycle Deluxe 70CC (Without Registration) Rs. 97,000
Super Star SS 70CC (Without Registration) Rs. 112,000
Union Star 70CC (Without Registration) Rs. 111,000
Yamaha YBR 125CC (Without Registration) Rs. 310,000
Unique UD 125CC (Without Registration) Rs. 135,000
City Motorcycle 70CC (Without Registration) Rs. 92,000
Fit Star 70CC Motor Bike (Without Registration) Rs. 85,000
Super Power 70CC Premium Regular SS Without Registration Rs. 113,000
Super Power 70CC Premium Regular Without Registration Rs. 113,000
METRO 70cc Motorcycle - MR70 Red / Black Motorbike (Lahore , Gujranwala , Sialkot , Islamabad , Karachi & Faisalabad Only) Rs. 98,499

In Pakistan, Bikes are widely manufactured and used as an economical mode of transport. They are commonly used to travel from homes to workplaces as well as for delivery purposes. With the rise of delivery services in the country such as Bykea and Careem, bikes have found increased usage. Due to their widespread usage, it is important that the parts used in them are not only of good quality but are also durable as it would help make the investment in bikes cost-effective.

Top Brands of Bikes in Pakistan:

Honda: Initiated in 1962, Honda is a public-listed corporation operating in Pakistan. Working as a joint venture between Honda Motor company limited, Japan and Atlas group, it has made a wide range of motorbikes and spare parts available in the country. It can also be called the flagbearer of motorbikes in the country. Honda’s bestselling models include CD70, CD70 dream, CG125, CB125F, and CG125 self.

Yamaha: Being a subsidiary of Japanese Yamaha motor, the motorbike company is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. The motorbike assembler company was founded in 2013 and since then it is one of the most renowned companies in the country. Yamaha’s bestselling models include YBR125, YBR125G, YBR125Z-DX, and YB125Z. 

Suzuki: Suzuki is no doubt one of the most famous automobile companies in Pakistan. Founded in 1983, it is the largest car assembler in Pakistan at the moment. Japanese automaker Suzuki is the parent company of Pak Suzuki motor company. Its best-selling models include GD110S, GS150, GSX110, and GR150. 

Road Prince: Road Prince is a local brand that was initiated by three brothers who aimed to create a motorbike brand in their home country. Not only did they aim to initiate a brand but they also wanted to make it compete with other international and national brands. Another aim was to manufacture motorbikes at a reasonable price so that people could afford them. Initiated in 2004, the brand manufactures a wide range of motorbikes, loaders, and rickshaws. Its best-selling models include Classic 700cc, Jackpot 110, Passion 70cc, and Passion plus 70cc among others.

Metro: Metro motorbikes are widely used in Pakistan as they are not only affordable but also durable. Best-selling models include Metro MR100, Metro MR100- 100CC, Metro MR125, and Metro MR70.

United: Initiated in 1999, United produces a wide variety of durable and economical motorbikes and rickshaws. Along with durability and high quality, it also establishes affordability as one of its key features. It has an ever-increasing network of sales, services as well as spare parts. Its manufacturing plant is based in Lahore. Moving towards its best-selling models, they include US 70CC, US 700CC, US 700CC Jazba, and US 125CC.

Types of Bikes Available in Pakistan:

Standard: Standard motorbikes available in Pakistan include Keeway SUPERLIGHT 200 is available for PKR 73,000.00, United US 70cc is available for PKR 81,500.00, Yamaha YBR 125 is available for PKR 322,500.00, United US 100cc is available in PKR 86,500.00, and Yamaha YBR 125G is available in PKR 336,000.00.

Electric: Electric motorbikes have 40 to 60 percent more weightage when it comes to their body than average bikes. However, in comparison to ordinary bikes, they can be started easily as they are operated on rechargeable batteries. Jaguar Electric Bike is available for 88,000 PKR, Jolla Electric Bike JE-70D 70cc is available for 1,12,000 PKR, Jolta JE-70D (SE) is available for 1,19,000 PKR, Jolta JE-Scooty is available in 1,25,000 PKR, Neon M3 Electric Bike is available in 1,09,000- 1,10,000 PKR, and VLektra – Retro is available for booking in 2,49,000 PKR.

Cheapest Bikes Available:

  • 70cc: Pak Hero PH 70 and BML 70cc motorbike
  • 100cc: Yamaha Royale YB 100 and Honda CD-100
  • 125cc: Honda GB 125
  • 150cc: Honda trigger 150 CB
  • 200cc: Honda CD-70
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