Yamaha Generator Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2022 Prices

Yamaha Generator prices start from Rs. 60,499 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Yamaha MOTIF-RACK XS Tone Generator, Yamaha Petrol Generator 5.5 KVA - EF6600 - Recoil Start, Yamaha EF7200E Petrol Generator 6.0 KVA, and Yamaha EF5500EFW Petrol Generator 4.6 KVA.

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Yamaha Generator - Price Summary

Model Price
Yamaha MOTIF-RACK XS Tone Generator Rs. 286,299
Yamaha Petrol Generator 5.5 KVA - EF6600 - Recoil Start Rs. 229,487
Yamaha EF7200E Petrol Generator 6.0 KVA Rs. 272,000
Yamaha EF5500EFW Petrol Generator 4.6 KVA Rs. 174,000
Yamaha EF3000iSE Generator 3 KVA Rs. 281,640
Yamaha EF2600FW Petrol Generator 2.3 KVA Self Start Rs. 124,383
Yamaha EF2600FW Petrol Generator 2.3 KVA Rs. 111,792
Yamaha EF1000FW Handy Generator 0.8 kVA 4 Stroke Rs. 71,400
Yamaha Handy Generator EF1000FW - 0.8 kVA - 4 Stroke - Very Low Sound Rs. 87,487
Yamaha Petrol Generator - 2.3 KVA - Recoil Start - EF2600FW Rs. 94,787

Yamaha Motor Corporation is a Japanese company, founded in 1955, and is well known for its wide range of products and services including Yamaha generators. Yamaha offers a wide range of generators so that you have a variety of options to choose from according to your needs. It guarantees a high level of performance, durability, and reliability. Yamaha generators are easy to use, more efficient, and more creative.

Line ups of Yamaha Generators:

The following are the line ups of generators offered by Yamaha.

120v/ 60hz Yamaha Generators:

This line up is further divided into different categories based on maximum power output including 0-1 kva, 1-3 kva, 3-6kva, and over 6 kva. These generators have a compact size, low noise, high power, and low fuel consumption. They are maintenance-free generators. It also has DC Output capability, oil warning system, circuit breaker, and auto decompressor. Moreover, due to the new design handle, anyone can easily carry it with one hand.

220v/ 50hz Yamaha Generators:

This line up is also further divided into different categories based on maximum. power output. These generators come with features of 4 stroke OHV engine, oil warning system, a brushless generator that is maintenance-free, auto decompressor, fuel gauge, voltmeter, and frame for easy carrying & solid protection.

220v/ 60hz Yamaha Generator:

This generator line up from Yamaha has a computer-controlled inverter which ensures high-quality electricity. It regulates engine rpm in accordance with the actual electricity load for quietness and greater fuel economy. It also has 4 stroke OHV engine, fuel gauge, electric starter, carrying handle, the oil warning system, and an auto decompressor. This generator is sound-proof.

230v/ 50hz Yamaha Generator:

Yamaha 230v/ 50hz generators are also further divided into 0-1 kva, 1-3kva, 3-6 kva, and over 6 kva generators. These generators come equipped with features of the environment-friendly design, reliable & low fuel consumption engine controls concentrated on one panel, compact body, lightweight, and large wheels.

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