Iron Price in Pakistan - Latest Jan, 2021 Prices

Latest Iron prices start from Rs. 1,289. Common models available in Pakistan are Sinbo garment steamer 2880, Sinbo dry iron 1200w 2865, Sinbo steam iron 2200w 2874 and Sinbo travalsteam iron 800w 2862.

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Iron Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
Sinbo garment steamer 2880 Rs. 9,679
Sinbo dry iron 1200w 2865 Rs. 1,649
Sinbo steam iron 2200w 2874 Rs. 3,189
Sinbo travalsteam iron 800w 2862 Rs. 2,199
Panasonic NI-V100 Rs. 2,999
Panasonic NI-P300 Rs. 3,199
Panasonic Nl-22AW Rs. 3,299
SSI-2854 Rs. 3,999
SSI-2855 Rs. 3,999
ssi-2844 Rs. 3,499

Iron is a home appliance that is used to remove creases from the clothes. It is heated with the help of electricity and wrinkles are removed when this heated iron is pressed on the clothes.

A good dress makes you feel confident and appealing. That's why ironing clothes is an essential thing while talking about dressing. For this purpose, there are different types of irons available in the market so you can choose whatever you like.

Types of Iron:

There are basically two types of irons:

  • Dry iron
  • Steam iron

Dry Iron:

As the name suggests, dry irons do not make use of water. They are just heated and pressed against the clothes and creases are removed quickly from the clothes. You can adjust the temperature according to the fabric you are pressing like cotton, silk, nylon, and more. While choosing dry iron, you should consider its weight because heavy irons are difficult to use and require more effort.

Following are the popular dry irons in Pakistan:

  1. National Dry Iron: It comes with features of a non-stick soleplate, heavy-duty, easy operation, heat resistance, and 1000W power.
  2. Panasonic Dry iron: It is a nonstick dry iron that glides on smoothly on the fabric hence removing wrinkles in no time. The built-in pilot lamp lets you know when the desired temperature is reached.
  3. Westpoint Dry iron: It features nonstick coating, temperature indicator, comfortable handle, ver heat safety protection, and adjustable temperature control knob.

Steam Iron:

A steam iron uses water to make steam that is applied to the clothes hence wrinkles are removed easily, effectively, and better than dry iron.

Following are the popular steam irons available in Pakistan.

  1. Westpoint Steam Iron: Westpoint steam iron comes with features of the specially designed handle that provide a comfortable grip, and vertical & horizontal surge of steam. It removes creases from the clothes quickly.
  2. Kenwood Steam Iron: Kenwood steam iron features a large water tank, ergonomic buttons, and variable steam control. It is a non-stick iron.
  3. Anex Steam Iron: This steam iron features adjustable thermostatic control, pilot light, ceramic coated soleplate, and an adjustable swivel cord. It also has a spray option. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.