Orient Refrigerator Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Orient Refrigerator prices start from Rs. 37,999 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Orient Refrigerator Lvo Vine Red 380 Liters, Orient Lvo 260 Hairline Silver 22 Refrigerator, Orient Crystal 225 Glaze Red Refrigerator, and Orient Crystal 225 Smoke Purple Refrigerator.

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Orient Refrigerator - Price Summary

Model Price
Orient Refrigerator Lvo Vine Red 380 Liters Rs. 90,800
Orient Lvo 260 Hairline Silver 22 Refrigerator Rs. 73,300
Orient Crystal 225 Glaze Red Refrigerator Rs. 74,800
Orient Crystal 225 Smoke Purple Refrigerator Rs. 74,800
Orient Grand 205 Metallic Door Silver Refrigerator Rs. 67,800
Orient Lvo 260 Vine Black 22 Refrigerator Rs. 73,800
Orient Lvo 260 Vine Red 22 Refrigerator Rs. 73,800
Orient Lvo 330 Vine Black 22 Refrigerator Rs. 83,300
Orient Lvo 330 Vine Red 22 Refrigerator Rs. 83,300
Orient Lvo 380 Vine Black 22 Refrigerator Rs. 90,300

Orient is a Pakistani brand of consumer electronics that has evolved as a symbol of innovation in Pakistan.  Orient is always on the horizons of new technological development. They have revolutionized the lifestyle of their customers by working tirelessly to address their issues and creating products that go beyond their expectations.

From functionality to design and efficiency to durability, Orient provides an answer to all your worries while purchasing a refrigerator.

Long-Lasting Freshness: Orient Refrigerators help you lead a healthy lifestyle by protecting your food from bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. The built-in UV light protection in Orient Refrigerators ensures prolonged freshness by killing all the airborne germs. They even have an anti-bacterial gasket that is also easy-to-clean. The gasket can be detached and cleaned to preserve your food.

Energy-Efficient Cooling: Orient provides budget-friendly refrigerators without compromising quality. The uniform 360-degree cooling system incorporated in Orient Refrigerators conserves the energy and retains the cooling for hours even after power breakdowns. Orient Refrigerators also have a rubber outlining on their doors and compartment boxes. These rubber linings prevent the bacteria and fungi from breaking into the compartments and keeps them air-tight to ensure long-lasting cooling and freshness.

Design and Durability: The design of Orient Refrigerators compliments your kitchen. They are available in multiple colors and have a smooth metallic body that looks stylish and modern. They also provide Scratch-free Glassdoor refrigerators with beautiful designs.

Orient Refrigerators are designed to maximize the storage space as well as the life of the refrigerator. They are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and food-friendly plastic coating to let customers enjoy a durable and power-efficient structure. This structure is supported by adjustable shelves with multiple grooves that allow customers to utilize maximum space and store as much as they want.

Eco-Friendly Mechanism: Orient is an environmentally responsible and reliable manufacturer. Their refrigerators are free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that damage the Ozone Layer. They also protect you from Noise Pollution by offering a noise-reduction mechanism in their refrigerators.

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