Inverex Solar Panel Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2022 Prices

Inverex Solar Panel prices start from Rs. 53,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Inverex Veyron Iv 3.2 Mppt Solar Inverter, Inverex Veyron 2.5 Mppt Solar Inverter, Inverex Veyron 5.2 Kw Mppt Solar Inverter, and Inverex Yukon 3.2kw Solar Inverter.

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Inverex Solar Panel - Price Summary

Model Price
Inverex Veyron Iv 3.2 Mppt Solar Inverter Rs. 108,500
Inverex Veyron 2.5 Mppt Solar Inverter Rs. 53,500
Inverex Veyron 5.2 Kw Mppt Solar Inverter Rs. 162,500
Inverex Yukon 3.2kw Solar Inverter Rs. 89,800

Inverex Solar Energy is the largest solar brand in Pakistan. For more than a decade, it is serving as a domestic and commercial solar products manufacturer and is a deep-rooted success-oriented company.

It was established early in 2007 and has been making efforts to develop. Inverex was a leading solar energy company at one time, and for now, they are a renowned manufacturer of top-quality home appliances.

This company offers a wide range of solar inverters, solar plates, and batteries. Inverex is one of the most well-recognized solar energy brands in Pakistan and has been providing solar energy solutions to domestic households, along with large and small industries.

The company brings new products to the market every year that are top-rated and reliable. It has got a huge network of dealers and suppliers in a very short period.

Inverex gives you 05 years limited warranty and  25 years Life warranty.

Types of Solution Inverex is Providing :

Residential: inverex is providing residential solutions and their clientele includes some of the top celebrities including ex-cricketers.

Commercial: Not only catering to the average consumer, but Inverex is also leading some of the top commercial projects in Pakistan

Home Appliances: Inverex is providing the average household with some great home appliances solutions starting from as low as 170 watts.

Types of Inverex Solar Panels:

Inverex deals with both Monocrystalline panels and Polycrystalline panels. This means it provides low-budget panels as well as high-energy expensive plates. The company uses A-grade highly efficient solar cells. It provides high flow, low iron, tempered glass with enhanced rigidity and impact protection. These solar plates come with an aluminum alloy frame that is anodized, for easy installation. Their high heat resistant Back Sheet provides long life and enhances cell performance. 

Here are mentioned some of Inverex solar plates:

380 wp Mono PERC solar panel

Inverex Inverperfect 150 Watt Poly Solar Panel

Inverex Power solution 170wp Poly Solar Panel

Inverex 375W Mono PERC panel Inverex

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