A4Tech Mouse Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2020 Prices

Latest A4tech prices start from Rs. 590. Common models available in Pakistan are A4Tech Optical Mouse OP-720, A4Tech G9-110F Wireless Mouse (Black), A4Tech R80 Bloody Wireless Switching Gaming Mouse and A4tech A60 Infrared Micro Switch Gaming Mouse.

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A4Tech Mouse Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
A4Tech Optical Mouse OP-720 Rs. 899
A4Tech G9-110F Wireless Mouse (Black) Rs. 1,799
A4Tech R80 Bloody Wireless Switching Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,999
A4tech A60 Infrared Micro Switch Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,499
A4TECH 9500F Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set Rs. 4,999
A4Tech 6100F Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Rs. 2,849
A4Tech 3000N Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Rs. 2,549
A4Tech 3100N Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Rs. 2,499
A4Tech G3-630N Wireless Padless Mouse black Rs. 1,099
A4Tech OP-540NU Optical Mouse Rs. 649

A4Tech is a popular peripherals company based in Taiwan. They have gained a lot of attention in the Asian market due to the value proposition they offer. Their gaming brand which goes by the name of “Bloody” has been been very successful. Especially the gaming mouse series.

While they may not be able to compete with the big dogs, getting a Bloody gaming mouse is a good idea if you’re on a budget. The following are some of the best Bloody gaming mice:

Bloody J95: The Bloody J95 is arguably an extremely popular gaming mouse in Pakistan. Despite its affordable price, it has a lot of features so most people won’t feel left out. It provides a comfortable palm grip and a thumb-rest area. 

The ergonomic shape will feel familiar to most people. At the bottom, the slides are super smooth. You won’t feel like the sensor is a cheap one either.

Bloody Q81 Neon X’Glide: If you’re just starting out with gaming and don’t know what mouse to get, the Q81 is a good option. It won’t break the bank but feels like a solid mouse at the same time. As you can guess from the name, the skates at the bottom are buttery smooth. The mouse can go up to 3200 CPI. On top of that, it has two thumb buttons and a braided cable.

Bloody P30 Pro: The Bloody P30 Pro is a mouse that can compete with its higher-end rivals. It has an impressive optical sensor, up to 16,000 CPI, and a lot of customization. The RGB is bright yet remains tasteful. A lot of macros can be stored on the onboard memory. 

Apart from that, the shape is reminiscent of the DeathAdder. Making this an extremely accessible mouse. You even get 6 sniper modes and astounding build quality for the money.

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