Barcode Scanners Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2022 Prices

The Lowest price of Barcode Scanners in Pakistan is Rs. 5,674, and estimated average price is Rs. 6,478. Get the latest price for Black Copper, Aurora Barcode, Datalogic Barcode, Deli E14953w, Honeywell Orbit, Speedx 9400, Symbol Ds6708, Symbol Ls9208, Data Terminal, and other products.
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That little sticker with numbers you see on an item when it’s on display at the store is known as a barcode used mainly for stock control in multiple organizations. The barcode however requires a barcode scanner. This is a handheld device capable of not only reading the barcode, but also to send the output to a computer. The scanners typically use lasers/lightsource to translate optical impulses into electrical ones. These products can come with a cord to connect to a device, or can be wireless for your convenience. Different models of the scanners are able to read larger areas of these codes and have a larger span when it comes to distance of reading the codes as well. Some models can scan up to 100 times in one second, but the results may be more or less depending on the type and model. The product can also include 32-bit CPU, flash memory, auto scan, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and much more.

Barcode Scanners Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Datamax Barcode Scanner M1 Rs. 15,199
Deli E14963 Barcode Scanner Rs. 8,199
Deli E14952 Barcode Scanner Rs. 7,399
Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner Rs. 12,899
Symbol LS9208 Barcode Scanner Rs. 23,349
Symbol DS6708 Barcode Scanner Rs. 29,150
Symbol LS1203 Barcode Scanner Rs. 9,900
Aurora Barcode Scanner ABS 7190 Rs. 16,499
Aurora Barcode Scanner ABS-9591 Rs. 8,999
Aurora Barcode Scanner ABS-9590 Rs. 6,499
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