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The Lowest price of Microphones in Pakistan is Rs. 6,649, and estimated average price is Rs. 6,683. Get the latest price for Arozzi Sfera, , 2 Years, Imou Cue, Boya By-v10, Boya By-v2, Boya By-v20, Boya By-v1, Boya By-whm8, and other products.
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One of the most important inventions of our time is the microphone. A handheld device capable of converting sound into electrical signals, we tend to use microphones on a day to day basis. Microphones are in our phones, hearing aids and much more. A typical standalone microphone, also known as a mic is a device you can speak into and by the use of other systems such as speakers, the sound in intensified. The microphone now comes in a wireless version too, with a speaker attached to it to use in smaller gatherings. The device can connect to any device via Bluetooth, and then speaking into the microphone outputs the voice over a built-in speaker, which is perfect for parties and smaller get-togethers. The speakers can have up to 8 hours of playtime and 360 hours standby, which can vary model to model.

Microphones Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Rs. 13,790
Samson Microphone Q7 Rs. 15,000
Vmic Wired Microphone Rs. 11,500
Boya BY-HM100 Microphone Rs. 8,500
Samson Phantom Adapter PM6 Rs. 14,500
Aputure V-Mic D1 Microphone Rs. 7,500
7Ryms AX100D XLR Microphone Rs. 10,499
Samson Spider Shockmount SP04 Rs. 11,500
Audio-Technica AT8687 Link Kit Rs. 9,299
Synco E-10 Cardioid Microphone Rs. 10,999
Behringer Line In to USB Cable Rs. 12,500

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