Ortho Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Dec, 2021 Prices

The Lowest price of Ortho Mattress in Pakistan is Rs. 12,200, and estimated average price is Rs. 16,567. Get the latest price for Uni Care, Molty Coolgel, Crown Ortho, and other products.
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When shopping for a mattress, it’s not just about the quality and price. It’s about comfort. With online shopping in trend and not going to the store to test and try the mattress, one needs to know. What's at the top of the market. We have picked our top ortho mattresses to help you with your mattress shopping.

Molty Memory Foam

Molty foam is a well-known mattress brand in Pakistan. And they have a wide range of ortho friendly designs including molty ortho, memory ortho, cool gel ortho, and molty therapy. Molty’s memory mattress is unique and one of a kind. It is also known as Tempurpedic foam. If you are one of those people who have trouble sleeping or require special orthopedic mattresses. This is one of the best you can get in the market. Its body temperature-sensitive viscoelastic foam, shapes up to the contours of your body, to help give you that longed for deep sleep. Molty memory mattress has been approved by the American Orthopedic Association. This technology was originally designed by NASA for astronauts. It was designed to help with your back and body pains. It is a high-density foam more than the polyurethane foam with peaks that equally distribute body weight. It provides one with back support and spine alignment. As the mattress absorbs heat from your body, it sinks in deeper and gets softer, which can cause disturbances while sleeping. Because unlike other foams it is heat reactive and less rigid. It has a heat-sensitive polymer layer and gives pressure relief but at the same time makes your body eventually sink into the mattress slowly and gradually.

Diamond Ortica Gel cool Memory

Diamond supreme has always been one of the top competitors of Molty foam. Both these companies have always been neck to neck, though Molty foam has much more variety in orthopedic mattresses including gel cool series. But this Ortica Gel cool memory foam is a hybrid of both, the Memory foam and the gel cool mattress. Foam is a conductor and gradually traps within itself the heat generated from the human body. This is what made the memory foam sink. The GelCool innovation has sheets mixed with gel beads that act as a hedge between the body and the mattress giving extreme comfort and weight alleviating support. The cooling gel dabs help disseminate body heat quicker Heat generation being one of the major issues with memory foam, Diamond Foams combine the best features of both. the memory foam technology and the gel cool technology to produce Ortica GelCool Memory Foam. This mattress does not leave an indentation on the mattress and returns to its original state far quicker than the memory foam. This is produced using a wide cell structure that responds to body weight to stop sores and pains around the weight focuses. The memory foam layer is hypersensitive and a disinfectant that resists microbes, and other organisms. The memory foam layer provides extra support and comfort and the beads help maintain body temperature. Making it an all-rounder top-notch orthopedic mattress sufficient to your needs for a great price .

Ortho Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Uni Care Ortho Mattress Rs. 12,200
Crown Ortho Life Care Mattress Rs. 13,300
Molty Coolgel Ortho Foam Mattress Rs. 25,200

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