Pakistani Stores started as a hobby project, now proudly serves over 600,000 users per month across Pakistan as the leading shopping engine in the country.

Pakistani Stores is a shopping engine that helps users make the best buying decisions. We research millions of products and skim through hundreds of retailers, so you don't have to put in the effort of finding the best deals and prices. Started back in 2017 as a price search and product discovery platform with a single web page. Over the years, we have transitioned to become one of the shopping platforms in Pakistan, helping thousands of users to decide not just where to buy from. Within just 3 years of its journey, Pakistanistores is now ranked in the top 1000 sites in Pakistan in terms of traffic.

Helping users shop smarter
The idea of our startup came during the boom of eCommerce in Pakistan. We realized that it's a tiresome and boring process to have to go through so many online stores just to find what you are looking for. We aim to help our users overcome this by being:

  • Quicker: Our search results are rapid and we let you compare products from 100+ online stores instantly in a single search.
  • Cheaper: We help users save an average of 15% on their purchases by helping them find the best prices for products.
  • Insightful: Our algorithms are intelligent and we filter out things that you don't need (such as out of stock products) to help you focus on exactly what you are looking for.

Helping eCommerce stores optimize their strategy
With 600,000+ users and 4 Million+ SKUs, we have data for all product categories and niches in Pakistan. We help online stores optimize their marketing and sales strategy by:

  • Providing market insights: You can understand the product categories your store performs well in and gain insights on how to improve your pricing for better conversion.
  • Helping you understand target audiences: Learn more about what users are looking for and what prices they are most likely to place an order at.
  • Improving conversion / Generating sales: We drive traffic and generate billions of rupees sales per month for top-ranked stores through our platform.

We are neutral, transparent, and independent
The most important values at Pakistanistores are neutrality, transparency, and independence. We are not affiliated with any online stores in Pakistan and top placements/rankings on our website are not for sale. Every store on our platform has an equal opportunity of being listed first, simply by offering the best prices. We have a rigorous criterion for checking the stores we list on our platform to ensure high-quality results for all our users. Our tool is completely free of charge for all our users who can contain complete and transparent information about products without feeling pressured into buying from any individual store or retailer.

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