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LED TV prices start from Rs. 16,500 in Pakistan. LED TV prices have gone down 3% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are Ecostar CX-32U860, PEL 32 Inch HD LED TV, TCL 32 Inch Led Tv D310, and Haier H32D2M H-Cast LED TV.

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LED TV - Price Summary

Model Price
Ecostar CX-32U860 Rs. 36,499
PEL 32 Inch HD LED TV Rs. 36,779
TCL 32 Inch Led Tv D310 Rs. 39,599
Haier H32D2M H-Cast LED TV Rs. 39,899
EcoStar 32" CX-32U575 LED TV Rs. 40,900
EcoStar 32" CX-32U573 LED TV Rs. 40,999
EcoStar 32" CX-32U576 LED TV Rs. 41,900
Samsung 32 Inch 32N5300 LED TV Rs. 43,999
PEL 32" Smart HD LED TV Rs. 51,399
EcoStar 39" CX-39U573 LED TV Rs. 51,999

Televisions have been the entertainment partners of humans since modern times began. The television industry had taken a large step forward from the large box TVs with cathode-rays to advanced LCD TVs. However, with the dawn of LED technology, the television experience has been revamped for its users. These recent advancements have overhauled the picture quality and added loads of new features to break the limits of value that you can drive out of a television. These features include a wide range of color combinations, high-resolution displays, amazingly detailed image quality, crystal-clear contrast, smart features, improved sound systems, large screens, and sleek designs. The latest trend in the LED TV market is the new QLED TVs that leverage their Quantum Dot Technology to produce highly detailed and beautiful images that will mesmerize your eyes.

Watching TV and consuming its diverse content is a part of our daily lives. Not only do TVs provide us with endless entertainment to fill the dull routines of leisure time, but they also provide us with useful information regarding current events, science, and the various life forms on Earth. Not to mention the recent outbreak of this pandemic has left many of us stuck in our houses, so now it is ever more necessary to own a television-set to make quarantines more colorful.

Several manufacturers and brands have contributed to bringing forth the LED TV revolution. LED TV price in Pakistan, and other countries, reflects the value propositions offered by the selling brand. In this regard, PakistaniStores help you make a safe bet by serving as a search-engine directory of all the online stores in Pakistan and giving the spotlight to the best deals out there on the internet.

Purchasing an LED TV is a time-consuming activity. Not only do you need to stay within your budget, but also make a decision that gives your desired features and quality. Some of the most notorious names in this industry and their key characteristics are listed below to help you narrow down your choices.


Samsung has an unmatched picture quality and contrast. Their products incorporate the latest technology and complement it with quality to uplift customer experience. They offer 4K LED TVs, 8K LED TVs, QLEDs, and Smart LED TVs in various screen sizes and resolutions. Samsung LED TV prices in Pakistan depend mostly on screen-sizes and resolutions and they generally augment as these factors are enhanced. Apart from this, there are also numerous other features you can enjoy in Samsung LED TVs. Their picture quality is top-class due to the high pixel density, AI Upscaling features, and a powerful surround-sound experience to immerse you in the show. They provide up to 8K UHD resolution and have QLED technology that prevents burn-in and produces super-sharp images. Samsung also integrates smart features and IoT technology in its TVs.


Sony is another champion of delivering a theatrical television experience. Sony LED TV Prices in Pakistan are affordable and justified in comparison to the features they offer. They have a wide variety of categories in the LED TV line, namely 8K TVs, OLED TVs, Full-Array LED TVs, 4K HDR TVs, Full HD TVs, and Smart TVs. Sony leverages the X1 Ultimate Processor to produce ultra-sharp pictures and utilizes the Acoustic Multi-Audio Feature to omit a highly-immersive sound that follows the action precisely. Sony’s OLED TVs provide a wide range of colors and a complete Smart TV experience. Beyond functionality, Sony LED TVs have slim and sleek designs and narrow bezels that make them a perfect addition to your home décor. They also provide up to 8K QLED TVs and excel at creating unmatched realism in the image quality. Smart features, IoT, and modernistic design are only a few of its key propositions.


TCL is the 2nd largest LED TV manufacturer and one of the leading brands in Pakistan. TCL LED TV prices in Pakistan are very reasonable, yet they have abundant features. TCL offers Standard LEDs, Smart LED TVs, UHD TVs, and QLED TVs. TCL LEDs are perfect for an outstanding viewing experience as they produce the optimal deep black and bright white contrast. TCL has also employed the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technologies to offer a wide spectrum of colors and perfect brightness. TCL’s Quantum Dot LEDs add extra vividness and clarity to the already mesmerizing display quality, and the built-in Onkyo Sound Bars bring the action to life. Their products have high-resolution displays, HDR 10 display, and Smart Google Assistant to facilitate your navigation across the content.


EcoStar televisions are utilizing their cutting-edge technology and vibrant picture quality to gain popularity in the appliances market. They can go up to 4K UHD picture quality, provide smart features, and offer an immersive Dolby sound system for a loud, clear, and powerful audio experience. Their best adaptation resolution of 3840 x 2160 produces crystal-clear and vivid images and makes the display perfect for gaming. EcoStar LED TV prices in Pakistan are affordable regardless of the screen size or display quality, and their designs are aesthetically pleasing as well. They also support USB and HDMI connectivity and feature various android streaming platforms to capture the entire world of entertainment.


Akira offers a blend of crystal-clear picture quality, high-resolution display, smart features, and low energy-consumption at affordable prices to extend the valuable features and make them widely available. Akira has removed the need for cable boxes by introducing Digital Tuner and satellite features that allow direct streaming of channels. Akira LEDs are not only affordable but also cheaper in the long-run as they consume 25% less energy than as compared to other brands. To top it off, Akira gives you a complete package of entertainment with its smart TV features that encompass various streaming applications and screen mirroring, and other connectivity options.


PEL is one of the top local manufacturers of electronics products within Pakistan. PEL is providing world-class LED TVs to Pakistani customers at affordable prices. Their ColorOn LED TV series has some of the best all-rounder LEDs in the market. They offer 32-to-55-inch LED TVs with high-definition picture quality and extremely sharp images. PEL’s Smart LED TVs are perfect for endless streaming of entertainment as they feature all the connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, and built-in Netflix and YouTube. PEL’s LEDs are elegant and classy and can prove to be a perfect fit for your interior décor with their multiple screen-size dimensions.


Orient is an emerging brand of LED TVs with some of the most affordable prices. Orient LEDs come in various sizes from 24-inch to 65-inch displays with up to 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Some of the most prominent LED TV series of Orient include Jaguar, Eagle, Hawk, Leopard, Falcon, Trumpet, and Macaw. These LEDs are renowned for their amazing motion-picture quality and 50 Hz refresh rate. They also offer Smart features with a special remote control featuring dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons for seamless navigation across the content.


Haier is a household name in the Pakistani consumer electronics industry. It offers three categories within the LED TV segment, including Standard LED, Smart TV, and UHD Android series. Haier LED TVs offer Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions that create ultra-realistic images with perfect deep black contrast. Haier also provides Auto Volume Leveler in its LEDs to create a powerful audio-visual experience. Haier Smart LED TVs offer comprehensive features, including built-in YouTube and Netflix with Google Assistant Support and numerous connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, SD Card, and Screen Mirroring.

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