Generators Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

Generator prices start from Rs. 20,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Jasco DB-5000 4.4kVA Generator, Jasco 1.5 KW Generator (J2200-S), Jasco 2.0 KW Generator (J2500-S), and Jasco 2.0 KW Self Generator (J2500 BN).

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Generators - Price Summary

Model Price
Jasco DB-5000 4.4kVA Generator Rs. 235,080
Jasco 1.5 KW Generator (J2200-S) Rs. 141,030
Jasco 2.0 KW Generator (J2500-S) Rs. 157,838
Jasco 2.0 KW Self Generator (J2500 BN) Rs. 126,450
Jasco 2.5 KW Generator (J3000-S) Rs. 168,188
Jasco DB-6500 5.5kVA Generator Rs. 309,375
Jasco Db-8000 6.5kVA Generator Rs. 346,500
Jasco Fujigen Multipurpose Generator Rs. 26,483
Jasco J-12000 10kVA Generator Rs. 697,500
Jasco J1000 720W Generator Rs. 63,900

In the event of load-shedding or power outages, a Generator can assist the home in carrying out day-to-day operations without having to wait for the power to be restored. Electricity is produced by rotating an axle of an electrical conductor in a magnetic field by using an engine. The engine can be powered with a variety of fuels, and the electrical conductor is rotated by rotating the axle. 

The two most common types of Generator fuel used in Pakistan are based on natural gas and petrol.

Gasoline Generators:

Gasoline generator is probably the most popular fuel for powering generators due to their clean nature, low cost, and high efficiency. Whereas, for temporary or infrequent use, petrol generators may be a better choice. It is important to keep in mind that the size of your Generator will greatly depend on the power it will produce. There are three most popular types of generators available in the Pakistani market for both residential and commercial use; these are mainly portable generators, standby generators, and inverter generators that can generate electricity up to 7.5 kW, 15kW-30kW, and >40kW respectively.

Petrol generators :

Use petrol as a medium for fuel to make the engine work. Petrol generators usually provide better power output compared the gasoline generators. These generators have a built-in fuel tank, and it varies according to the size of the generator. Petrol generators are common in Pakistan since petrol is available easily everywhere in Pakistan. Petrol generators used to be the main choice of households before gasoline generators were introduced. These generators are used both at home and for commercial purposes.

In Pakistan, the range of prices for a Generator can vary depending on the quality and electricity generation capacity. Hyundai Generators are some of the most common brands of Generators that are used in Pakistan. These generators are highly reliable and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. Depending on the primary fuel source, customers can choose from gasoline, diesel, and petroleum products.

Best Generator Brands in Pakistan :

Due to power outages, many top brands are focusing on making the best generators, some of your options are :

Honda :

Honda generators are considered the best quality generators. Known for their durability, Honda generators can run for many hours. Frequent and longer power breakdowns are making customers choose the best possible generator brands because these generators will come in use almost on the daily basis and Honda generators are perfect to deal with such situations

There are many options available in Honda generators starting from 2 KVA EMR-2500-CX can run continuously for 13 hours. Seb-6000 is the 4VA Honda generator priced at 185,000. 

Jasco :

Jasco is a local Pakistan brand that has the majority market share in the generators market and competes with the likes of Honda and Hyundai. Jasco provides a wide range of powerful Generators that are compact and easy to install, making them suitable for anyone looking for a cheap alternative to their primary electricity provider. Jasco generators are widely available in Pakistan, offering many great choices in different power outputs, and most importantly Jasco generators are very economical compared to some of the high-end brands.

Hyundai :

Hyundai offers great quality generators. Their focus is mainly on the high power outputs like 5 KVA generator (HGS6250), 6.5 KVA (HGS7250), and 10 KVA and it goes all the way up to 12KVA. 

The 10 KVA and 12 Kva generators are mostly used in buildings or offices.

Loncin :

Loncin has been in the power generation industry for more than 28 years, providing different solutions. Loncin generator works on both petrol and gas. Some of the key features of their latest product LC2300DDC are that it has built-in sensors and shuts off the generators smoothly in case of low oil levels, it has automatic voltage regulation, and in case of maintenance, the parts are easily available. 

Other trusted and reliable brands include Firman, Homage, Yamaha, and Angel generators which would be an excellent choice as an electricity alternative. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.