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Solar Panel prices start from Rs. 10,299 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Voltaic Systems 2 Watt 6 Volt Small Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan, Voltaic Systems 10 Watt 6 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan, Voltaic Systems 9 Watt 18 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan, and Voltaic 1.2 Watt 6 Volt Small Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan.

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Solar Panel - Price Summary

Model Price
Voltaic Systems 2 Watt 6 Volt Small Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan Rs. 10,299
Voltaic Systems 10 Watt 6 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan Rs. 16,699
Voltaic Systems 9 Watt 18 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan Rs. 14,299
Voltaic 1.2 Watt 6 Volt Small Solar Panel - ETFE Price in Pakistan Rs. 13,099
SwitchBot Solar Panel Price in Pakistan Rs. 17,599
Bivy Stick & 15W Solar Panel Combo Price in Pakistan Rs. 158,499
Voltaic Systems 9 Watt 18 Volt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan Rs. 39,399
Blink Outdoor Solar Panel Charging Mount Wireless HD Smart Security Camera Price in Pakistan Rs. 53,899
Trina Vertex 535 Watt Half Cut Mono Perc Solar Panel Rs. 53,500
Canadian Solar 535Watts Mono PERC Solar Panel Rs. 53,500

A solar panel or solar plate is a collection of solar (photovoltaic) cells, arranged in a grid-like pattern that is mounted on a supporting structure (panel). Usually, these panels are made of silicon semiconductors (monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, and amorphous solar panels) that are activated by sunlight, absorb it, and generate electric current.

Solar panels are in great demand here in Pakistan because of multiple factors. Some of them include the consistent power outages and people building houses in remote areas might need to rely on these solar panels as a source of energy.

Both of these panels have their characteristics, You mind find one better than the other depending on your usage and the situation 

Monocrystalline Plates :

Monocrystalline solar plates are highly efficient and have a sleek design but are expensive as compared to the other two types.

These solar plates are designed of silicon crystals. Another big advantage these plates have is that they consume less space so if you are someone, monocrystalline is your choice.

Poly Crystallized Plates :

It uses more than one silicon particle to produce current.  Poly crystallized solar plates are cheaper than monocrystalline plates, but are less efficient and aren’t as pleasing as monocrystalline. Thin-film or amorphous solar panels are the cheapest but have the lowest efficiency rating. These also need more space and higher temperature and they tend to last a few years less than monocrystalline. 

Power of Solar Panels:

The power produced by solar plates varies as per their size, capacity, location, material, etc. You can find solar panels as low as 5 watts (used for small batteries) and as high as 700 watts according to your usage and requirements in the market.

150 watts 300 watts 400 watts 420 watts 540watts 550watts 570 watts 590 watts 650 watts 670 watts panels are available in the market and can generate electricity depending on their capacity and some other factors.

The rated capacity of residential solar panels is mostly between 150 watts to 300 watts per hour which means they have the capacity of producing current between 1kwh and 3kwh.

500 Watt solar panel :

Typically the price of a 500 watts solar panel in Pakistan would be from 30,000 to 40,000 PKR, the cost might depend on the brand you are going for.

1KW Solar Panel :

This kind of panel is a famous choice for most of the homes in Pakistan, most people go for the low power output. There is no definite price of 1KW in Pakistan as it varies from brand to brand also mono and poly have a price difference, but the price point starts from PKR 95,000

5KW Solar Panel :

This is one of the most in-demand power outputs of solar plates, the price of a 5KW panel in Pakistan ranges from 550,000/- to 650,000 PKR and it is available in Trina, Astro, and Jinko.

10KW Solar Panel : 

This is one of the more expensive panels, the price of a 10KW poly panel in Pakistan would be around 10,30,000/- PKR, but the same power in mono would be 100k less in price.

Cheapest Solar Panels available in Pakistan:

Some of the cheapest solar plates available in our market include Ring solar panel, Arlo solar panel, SwitchBot solar panel, and Arlo Ultra & pro 3 solar panel.

Best Solar Plates Available in Pakistan :

Inverex :

Inverex is the first name that comes to your mind when you think about buying a solar panel. They have been dominating the solar panel market for quite some time. 

Some of Inverex cheapest models are :

Inverex 150 watts Mono PERC InverPerfect

Inverex 150 watts poly InverPerfect

Longi :

Longi is one of the top solar panel brands providing Solar solutions internationally. Recently they have started capturing this ever-growing solar panel market in Pakistan as well. 

 Some of the cheapest Longi Solar Panels are :

Longi 435 Watt Mono PERC

Longi 445 Watt Mono PERC

Longi 540 Watt Bifacial Hi-Mo

Jinko :

Jinko is another valuable addition to the list of great companies providing solar solutions in Pakistan. Jinko’s products are very widely available all over Pakistan and are slowly but surely making their presence felt in the Pakistani Market. 

Some Other respectable brands are :

JA Solar 





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