Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2023 Prices

Longi Solar Panel prices start from Rs. 44,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Longi 545W Mono Perc Solar Panel, LONGI 555W Mono Solar Panel, High-Efficiency Longi Solar 555W, Jinko Solar 550W, and JA Solar 550W Mono PERC Solar Panels, and LONGI 560W Mono Solar Panel.

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Longi Solar Panel - Price Summary

Model Price
Longi 545W Mono Perc Solar Panel Rs. 54,500
LONGI 555W Mono Solar Panel Rs. 44,400
High-Efficiency Longi Solar 555W, Jinko Solar 550W, and JA Solar 550W Mono PERC Solar Panels Rs. 57,500
LONGI 560W Mono Solar Panel Rs. 48,720
LONGI 550W Mono Perc Solar Panel Rs. 44,000

Longi Solar is a renowned manufacturer of technologically advanced monocrystalline solar panels that are reliable as well as value-based. Established in 2000, which makes it a great choice. Due to its innovative approach, Longi has become one of the leading solar plate manufacturers in the market in a very short period. It is a China-based company and has worked hard to provide quality solar products to its customers. Efficiency is the most prominent feature of Longi solar panels as their output is increasing day by day.

Their products have a high market value because of their quality, which makes them a great option for the solar panels available in Pakistan or anywhere around the globe.

Longi has developed and manufactured Wafer M1, and M2 solar panels. But more so, it is renowned for its revolutionary PERC cell modules in the solar panel market. PERC, or “passivated emitter and rear contact” panels, have an extra coating at the back, they control the energy loss and give more output compared to other solar panels. That's why Longi claims increased output daily.

The performance of this latest technology is well in low light and the maintenance required is also comparatively low. The inactivated laser grooves in Longi solar panels provide efficiency. Its 24.06% efficiency record makes it a great option to buy the Longi solar panels whenever you buy them. 

Longi comes with a 25 years performance or output warranty.

Types of Longi Solar Panel:

Longi panels are tier-1 solar panels. They do not have any polycrystalline modules in the offering. All of the modules they offer are monocrystalline, meaning they are made of a single silicon ingot which drastically increases the efficiency of a solar panel.

Here are given some of the models offered by Longi:

Longi 435w Mono PERC LR4-72HPH

Longi 445w Mono PERC LR4-72HPH

Longi 540 Bifacial Hi-Mo LR5-72HBD

Longi 445W Solar Panel LR4-72HPH

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