Homage Generator Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Homage Generator prices start from Rs. 58,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Homage 1000watts.

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Homage Generator - Price Summary

Model Price
Homage 1000watts Rs. 58,000

In Pakistan’s power appliances industry, Homage is a top brand since 2007. Homage offers many power appliances including generators, inverters, gels, solar panels, AGM batteries, etc. Homage is also a quality seller of home appliances like microwave ovens and water dispensers. The latest technology of Homage appliances is safe for its users.

Homage generators are designed to overcome the electricity outage in Pakistan. Homage generators provide uninterrupted power in the case of load-shedding. A homage generator is well-known for its latest technology which includes a big fuel tank, fitted gas kit, ATS, built-in maintenance-free battery, etc.

Types of Homage Generators:

Homage generators are available in two types including gasoline generators and diesel generators. 

Homage Gasoline Generators:

Homage gasoline generators are those generators that use gasoline to power on. Gasoline generators are good because these are noiseless and create less pollution. Homage gasoline generators have further types which include:

  • Self-start gasoline generators
  • Auto-start gasoline generators

Self-start gasoline generators are those which start with gasoline but have no need to turn them on when the electricity goes. On the other hand, for auto-start gasoline generators, we need to flip the switch to turn them on.

Homage diesel generators:

Homage diesel generators are those which start with diesel. Homage diesel generators are more efficient and reliable but are too much noisy. They also have their further types which include:

  • Self-start diesel generators
  • The Auto-start  diesel generators

Homage generators have a power capacity range of 1KVA to 6 KVA with large fuel capacity. They also have lead-acid battery and gas kit fitted in them. Most of the Homage generators have a 4-stroke single engine in them. These generators are suitable for all weather conditions. Homage generators are designed with an electric starting system having a double muffler. These generators mostly have Automatic Transfer System (ATS) with a digital meter. Homage generators have fuel capacity ranges of 15 liters, 25 liters, and 31 liters.

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