Loncin Generator Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2024 Prices

Loncin Generator prices start from Rs. 48,300 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Loncin LC-168FD Generator, Loncin G-210FD Engine Series Generator, Loncin LC-190FD Engine Series Generator, and Loncin LC3500DA 2.5 KW Petrol & Gasoline Generator.

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Loncin Generator - Price Summary

Model Price
Loncin LC-168FD Generator Rs. 48,300
Loncin G-210FD Engine Series Generator Rs. 51,750
Loncin LC-190FD Engine Series Generator Rs. 89,700
Loncin LC3500DA 2.5 KW Petrol & Gasoline Generator Rs. 121,000
Loncin LC3900DDC 2.5 KW Petrol & Gas Generator Rs. 173,355
Loncin LC5900DDC 3.1 KW Petrol n Gas Generator Rs. 184,275

Loncin is a Karachi-based company, they are a well-established name in power generation. Due to Pakistan's power crisis especially in summer, Pakistanis look for other alternatives such as generators. Loncin is one of the most active generator brands in Pakistan.

There is a number of Series available in Loncin :

A Series Gasoline Generators :

There are many good options in this series with different power outputs depending on your usage. The generators are available in the following power outputs: 1.5kva, 2Kva, 2.5Kva, 3kva, 4.5kva, and 6.5kva.

  • With special emphasis on quality control, these products are aimed to be reliable.
  • Our average household consumers are not the best operators of generators, so with features like AVR and Wire box consumers can feel safe using Loncin generators.
  • With tires, the generator can be moved easily anywhere in your home.
  • Its built-in sensors will let consumers know when the petrol level is low and it needs to be refilled.

It can be concluded that Loncin generators are not just your average cheap generators, but these products are built durable and reliable.

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