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Heaters prices start from Rs. 9,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Hyundai Rotary Hammer HP800-RH High Quality, Sogo Electric Heater (jpn-122), Super Asia Electric Heater MEH-30 30Liter, and KSC Instant Plus Storage Geyser 35 gallon Multi (Natural Gas+LPG+Electric).

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Heater - Price Summary

Model Price
Hyundai Rotary Hammer HP800-RH High Quality Rs. 14,703
Sogo Electric Heater (jpn-122) Rs. 9,399
Super Asia Electric Heater MEH-30 30Liter Rs. 34,299
KSC Instant Plus Storage Geyser 35 gallon Multi (Natural Gas+LPG+Electric) Rs. 58,000
KSC Instant Plus Storage Geyser 35 gallon Multi (Natural Gas+LPG+Electric) Rs. 64,000
Anex AG-7023 Foot Massager Heater Rs. 16,450
E-Lite ESH-L08 Sun Heater Rs. 13,440
Patio Heater Outdoor Heater Rs. 110,000
Gaba National Room Heater GN-2129 Rs. 9,300
Sogo Ceramic Fan Heater (jpn-77) With Remote And Oscillating Function (1200watt) Rs. 9,199

In my opinion, heaters are one of the most convenient inventions ever made. Heaters offer extra warmth in a chilly room or a drafty part of the house; the first-ever heater was commercialized in the 1800s. A basic room heater uses some kind of central element that functions as a heat conductor. They work similar to an air conditioner but instead of the air to condense, it rises hence it is ideal to place heaters on the floor than on the wall or use a convertible. However convertible hearts are much more efficient. How much electricity each heater uses (in terms of electric heaters) is measured in watts and more watts usually mean more heat but how well a heater distributes that heat varies and depends on design and structure. You can have a larger heater with 1500 watts and it might not perform as well as a smaller heater with fewer watts. Ideally, room heaters should not be used due to hazardous reasons especially gas heaters and most houses, offices these days are shifting towards central heating but with winters coming through with a boom, it is of utmost importance to have a heater with you and with winters on the rise, the price of heaters in Pakistan is also on the constant rise. It is a challenging test to look for a good heater that is worth your well-earned money. It isn't impossible especially if you are reading this. From gas heaters to electric heaters. The price of heaters in Pakistan is on the verge of inflation. The average price of heaters ranges from 2k rupees to 5k rupees. To help you weigh out your options let's dive deeper into the different options available for you in the market in terms of design, energy resource, and pricing. 

There are different types of heaters and well briefly go over them. In winter's most cities of Pakistan faces gas load shedding so it would be more practical to buy electric heaters rather than gas heaters. You can also get one of those heaters that use partial gas and partial electricity to power up. 

Handy heaters, these types of heaters are portable and provide good heating. These types of heaters are good for people who are always cold while doing work or sitting at their desks or in offices. They are designed to heat just one person. Depending on the device and model to model, some of these heaters may have an adjustable timer which has a range for one to twelve hours. High and low-temperature settings. The smaller the size of the heater the longer it’ll take for it to conduct heat. One such heater is the Sencor Ceramic Heater SFH 8011. It has PTC heating elements embedded which ensure effective and efficient heating. It has a switchable mode between hot and cold air. The heater has two dials up top one for setting speed and one for temperature. It is small in size and can be used as a personal heating device. Its price is around 6k in Pakistan. You can however find heaters with much greater heating power in the same or lower price range in Pakistan. 

Annex Deluxe Ceramic Heater, AG-5009 is another electric heater that does not only have a relatively good price but also provides a good heating experience. It has a two-year warranty and its semi-circular design provides room heating distribution through all four sides with efficiency. It collects the cold air from underneath and exports the heated air from the fans above. It costs around 7k to 8k in Pakistan. It provides enough heat to heat a whole room or a single person. These are relatively larger than personal heaters. These heaters usually perform better than personal heaters. So it's better to invest in a long-lasting and more efficient device Quartz heater is another option that one could use for heating homes; it is an electric heater. With two element heating rods. It is very lightweight and portable and also cost-effective. It consumes around 800 Watts of electricity. You can switch between the rods depending on whether or not you want to turn both rods on or a single one. With the help of a rotatable dial at the lower center, you can switch between the rods. A downside to this, however, is that you may feel that your oxygen is reducing in the room hence one may use a humidifier along with it or keep a bowl of water in the room. Another added feature is that if the heater accidentally falls it has an automatic feature that turns the heater off hence it has good safety standards and the price for it is only around 2k which is very affordable. 

The most used local and international heater brands in Pakistani households include; Omega, Alpina, Aurora, Rinnai, Panatron, Sencor, and West Point. With this wide variety of brands available locally in all types of niches from electric heaters to gas heaters, you can easily find yourself a heater that fits the price range of your choice. World-wide electric heaters are more common these days than gas heaters however there are still many Pakistani households that still use Gas heaters. 

One such heater is Rannai’s gas heater. It is one of the most long-lasting gas heaters. People use it for decades and more. It uses ceramic plates and comes with the auto safety feature in case there is no gas, which is often in Pakistan. It would prevent gas leakage. These may be a bit more expensive because gas heaters produce more heat and since this is a Japanese model and of very sturdy quality hence more expensive. 

One more gas heater locally manufactured named Electra also available in the market among many others. It also comes with the autoignition feature. However, it does not come with a safety feature and in Pakistan, it costs around 6k rupees. Puma is another brand that has heaters available in a wide range starting from rupees 3.5k onwards.

It is very easy to find a good heater in Pakistan that is not only available at a good price but will also have good features. When choosing a heater it is very important for you to know what type of heater to buy, whether you need a fan-forced heater or a convection type, a radiant type or micathermic heating types. Whether you need it for personal use or need a patio heater. Whether you need it for a single room or the whole house. Just make sure to take a close look at the watts, design, heating element, and price. These are key factors that show off the quality of a heater.

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