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Rinnai Corporation is a multinational Japanese company, founded in 1920, and well known in the manufacturing of gas appliances, home heating appliances, gas clothes dryers, rice cookers, and grillers.

Rinnai manufactures a wide range of heaters that are discussed below.

Types of Rinnai Heaters:

There are three main types of Rinnai heater: portable gas heaters, electric panel heaters, and energy saver heaters. 

Portable Gas Heaters:

An interesting thing about Rinnai portable gas heaters is that they require no installation and you can store them away when not in use. This type further has the following series of heaters:

  • Avenger 25 Convector Heater: This series features a low emission technology and is ideal for large open plan living areas. It comes with 5 years of peace of mind warranty.
  • Avenger 25 plus Convector Heater: It features a low emission technology, remote control for added convenience, and is ideal for large open plan living areas.
  • Capella 18 plus Convector: This series has a convenient remote control operation, easy to use control panel with advanced functions, and is ideal for large space living.
  • Econoheat 850 Radiant Convector: This series is designed for medium-sized homes. It features a Hi-lo burner that gives you dual options for setting temperature and a one-touch control system that is battery-operated and ignites electronically.

Rinnai Electric Panel Heaters:

Rinnai electric panel heaters are stylish and provide warmth to the room with a touch of a button. This type of Rinnai heater is further divided into the following series:

  • PEPH Series: It offers simple and effective heating and is flexible in installation due to castors and wall mounting bracket. These heaters are suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, and small living spaces.

Rinnai Energy Saver Heaters:

These heaters send out warm clean air and create zero emissions that are ideal for the people having respiratory problems. They are further divided into the following series:

  • 100 FDT: This series is ideal for commercial heating. It features a power flue that allows multiple installations options.
  • 100 5FT: This series features a power flue for multiple installations options and zero emissions that make it perfect for the people having allergies and respiratory problems.

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