Westpoint Heater Price in Pakistan - Latest Oct, 2021 Prices

Westpoint Heaters prices start from Rs. 3,099 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are WestPoint Fan Heater WF-5144, WestPoint Halogen Heater WF-5308, WestPoint Heater Ceramic WF-5142, and Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5142).

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Westpoint Heater - Price Summary

Model Price
WestPoint Fan Heater WF-5144 Rs. 5,899
WestPoint Halogen Heater WF-5308 Rs. 6,999
WestPoint Heater Ceramic WF-5142 Rs. 6,499
Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5142) Rs. 4,600
Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5143) Rs. 4,600
Westpoint Halogen Heater (WF-5308) Rs. 5,520
Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5145) Rs. 3,864
Westpoint Padestal Halogen Heater Fan (WF-5307) Rs. 7,176
Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5143) Rs. 4,500
Westpoint WF-5145 Fan Heater Rs. 4,058

Westpoint is one of the leading brands in home appliances products that source globally and follow high-quality standards from the start to finish. It designs and manufactures the perfect appliances that are easy to use, energy-efficient, durable, and modern. It intelligently designs appliances that take the work out of the work and lets you sit back and enjoy the time you save with your family. Moreover, its manufacturing practices are environmentally friendly. Westpoint offers 250 products including different kitchen appliances, small and large home appliances.

Westpoint offers a wide range of room heaters that are of high quality, durable, and affordable as well.

Types of Westpoint Heaters:

The following are the types of heaters offered by Westpoint:

Westpoint Fan Heaters: This type of heater from Westpoint is a multicolored (red and black) heater that quickly warms the room. It is energy-efficient and energy-saving as well. It provides overheat protection. Westpoint fan heater consists of an adjustable thermostat and thermal automatic cut-out.

Westpoint Deluxe Room Heater: This heater comes with an ultra-slim pedestal design. It has an adjustable thermostat to control the heating temperature. It is easy to use and is convenient to have around. Other features include sunbeam radiant heating element, cool-touch housing, and widespread oscillation for full room coverage.

Westpoint Ceramic Tower Heater: This heater can be used on the table or on the floor. It has a sleek and slim design. It has oscillation for even heating. It also has automatic overheat protection and self-regulating ceramic element. Moreover, an adjustable thermostat ensures easy temperature control.

Westpoint Halogen Heater: This heater comes with an ultra-slim pedestal design. It also has an adjustable thermostat to control heating. It has a high-quality base for a good grip. This halogen heater has widespread oscillation for full room coverage.

Westpoint Electric Heater: This heater from Westpoint comes with two heat settings i.e 1000 W and 1800 W. It has a ceramic PTC element. Other features include overheating protection, safety thermal cut-out, and automatic oscillation 90 degrees.

Westpoint Stand Fan Style Halogen Heater: This heater has a unique design that is the same as a stand fan. Available in different colors, this heater features oscillation for even heating and a timer as well.

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