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UPS prices start from Rs. 13,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Stabimatic On-Line ONL-2000B UPS With Batteries, Stabimatic On-Line ONL-3000B UPS With Batteries, Homage HVS-1214SCC Vertex Series 1000 Watt UPS Inverter, and Homage HVS-2414SCC Vertex Series 1800 Watt UPS Inverter.

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UPS - Price Summary

Model Price
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-2000B UPS With Batteries Rs. 79,500
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-3000B UPS With Batteries Rs. 97,500
Homage HVS-1214SCC Vertex Series 1000 Watt UPS Inverter Rs. 65,500
Homage HVS-2414SCC Vertex Series 1800 Watt UPS Inverter Rs. 65,000
Intex UPS IT-650C Meastro Rs. 16,000
Emerson GXT-MT Vertiv Liebert PLUS 3000VA 2400W UPS Rs. 210,000
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-1KVA UPS With Batteries Uninterruptible Power Supply Rs. 49,000
Stabimatic On-Line ONL-6000B UPS With Batteries - ONL-6KVA Rs. 199,500
Stabimatic Gemini-1250VA Without Battery UPS Rs. 27,000
Stabimatic GEMINI-3000VA Line Interactive UPS Rs. 54,240

UPS is the uninterruptable power supply which is an electronic apparatus that provides emergency power when the main power supply is not operational. It is commonly used in Pakistan and has replaced generators in many households around the country. The reason for this could be that it is comparatively more economical and affordable as well as easy to maintain than a traditional generator. The electronic brands that manufacture and provide generators to different households and firms across the country include Maxpower, Hyundai, Intex, Homage, Fronus, Aerox along with Digitech and Novatek. All of these brands have different price ranges as well as qualities. 

Homage AVS Solar UPS: It is available in 25,999 PKR. Manufactured in a sophisticated and classy shade of black, this product by homage has features to look out for including overload and short circuit problems that would protect the electricity from short circuits. It has a replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance, User-friendly LCD operation as well as selectable AC charger current. The load that this UPS can carry includes 12 Tube Lights, 30 Energy Savers along with 60 LED Bulbs, and 12 Fans. 

Maxpower UPS Solar Inverter: Maxpower is a well-known brand in Pakistan. It has new pioneer electronics as its parent company. Established in 1989 with its main office in Multan, Pakistan, Maxpower has been leading in global solar innovation. It manufactures a wide variety of UPS with distinct qualities and price levels. This UPS by Maxpower is available in 16,000 PKR. Manufactured in a classy shade of mustard, this product supports all battery types and has modified sine waves. Optimized for computers, Maxpower UPS is automatic, hybrid, and has 900W of power. Being a programmable inverter, it is programmed to operate under all conditions. It is not only economical as compared to generators as well as other UPS, but it also has features that make it worth the price. It helps to power and provides electricity to houses as well as small offices and workplaces. 

Intex UPS IT-650VA: Intex is a leading brand in Pakistan with over 50 years of experience and excellence. It manufactures a wide range of remarkable products including airbeds, prism framed pools as well as UPS. Intex UPS IT-650VA is highly economical as it is available in 10,000 PKR. Manufactured in contrasting shades of red and black, this UPS has features including intelligent battery management, output short circuit protection, overload protection, overcharge protection as well as sleek and compact design with CPU control. It is also inverter compatible and has off-mode charging.

Hyundai Inverter/UPS with built-in Solar Charger: Hyundai is a well-known brand in Pakistan that is well acclaimed and reliable. In years, it has made its place in people’s minds making sure that when somebody hears the brand name Hyundai, they associate quality and reliability with it. One of Hyundai’s many remarkable products is the Hyundai Inverter/UPS with a built-in solar charger. Available in 22,499 PKR and manufactured in classy and sophisticated contrasting shades of black (back) and white (front), this product has features that make it worth its price. It has 1600 watts of power capacity as well as 2200v of voltage. Other than this, it has a 15A fuse for UPS protection which basically means that during normal operation the incoming mains feeds the rectifier which in turn supplies the inverter with a stable DC voltage as well as float charging the battery. It has a nominal output voltage of 230V and a modified sine wave as its output waveform. With a charging current of a maximum of 40amp, this UPS is perfect when it comes to supplying power/electricity to households as well as small offices and workplaces. 

SIMTEX: Established in 1999, SIMTEK aims to move towards green energy which is a solution to all the pollution problems. It believes in working towards providing energy that helps to keep the environment pollution-free. The products that this brand manufactures include battery chargers, voltage stabilizers, and solar accessories including UPS/inverters. Its UPS comes in a wide variety of price levels as well as qualities. 

  1. SIMTEK Deluxe 1000VA UPS/Inverter: This UPS is by SIMTEX is available in 12,230 PKR. Manufactured in a shade of gray, this product is not only economical but also has a remarkable quality which makes it worth the money that is spent on the purchase. It is ideal for households and small workplaces as it has the capacity to power three lights along with three fans. Other than this, it operates without creating havoc as it has noiseless operations. Other features include visual and audible indication when it is fully charged, has cold start capability along with protections such as faulty mains protection and overload protection I.e. it wouldn’t get overloaded and damaged as a result of this function which protects against overloading. It also has sophisticated power management and it shuts down when the battery gets low thanks to its auto-shutdown on low battery function.
  2. SIMTEK EP-1012 Heavy-duty sine wave UPS/Inverter: Available in 24,730 PKR and manufactured in contrasting shades of black and red, this UPS by SIMTEK is economical and the brand makes sure that the product is cost-effective i.e. the cost that has been incurred does not go waste. Along with 3 steps intelligent battery charger with 8 preset battery type selectors, this product has features to look out for including large LCDs for detailed content and information, solar compatibility suitable for off-grid solar systems, and stable output voltage as it has pure sine wave with the low quiescent current. Other features include solar compatibility which is suitable for off-grid solar systems along with power saver load which is a function that saves power when the power load is low or nonexistent. When it comes to UPS, its battery life is something that concerns the users. Buying new batteries now and then increases the maintenance cost of the product. SIMTEK EP-1012 has intelligent battery management which extends the service life of batteries. 
  3. SIMTEK EP-5048 Heavy-duty Sine Wave UPS/Inverter: Available in 86,250 PKR and manufactured in contrasting shades of black and red, this product by UPS is high priced and has quality and features which makes sure that it becomes cost-effective. Its features include a large LCD which depicts detailed information and content, solar compatibility best for off grid solar systems which means that it has solar compatibility when the users are not connected or linked to their grid’s power system along with 3 steps intelligent battery charger. When consumers buy such an expensive product, it really helps them if the maintenance cost is low. With the help of its intelligent battery management, the service life of its battery is extended. 
  4. SIMTEK Stabimatic ON-LINE 10000 UPS/Inverter: This product by SIMTEK is available in 198,000 PKR which is highly expensive when it comes to UPS but its features and quality, as well as lifetime, makes it worth the price. Manufactured in a sophisticated shade of black, its features include high energy efficiency which saves energy cost. This somehow compensates for the high purchase price. The low maintenance cost as well as the bills that would be incurred by this product helps to make the purchasing price, cost-effective. It is suitable for use in households, workplaces, and most operating systems. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.