Homage UPS Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2022 Prices

Homage Ups prices start from Rs. 23,400 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Homage Solar Inverter HTD 5013SCCC, Homage Solar Inverter HTD 5012SCCC, Homage Solar Inverter HTD 3012SCCC, and Homage Solar Inverter HTD 2211SCCC.

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Homage UPS - Price Summary

Model Price
Homage Solar Inverter HTD 5013SCCC Rs. 99,900
Homage Solar Inverter HTD 5012SCCC Rs. 94,400
Homage Solar Inverter HTD 3012SCCC Rs. 60,200
Homage Solar Inverter HTD 2211SCCC Rs. 29,700
Homage Solar Inverter HTD 2011SCCC Rs. 29,800
Homage Solar Inverter HTD 1211SCCC Rs. 27,400
Homage Solar Inverter HEX 5011SCC Rs. 94,000
Homage Heat & Cool 1.5ton Inverter Air Conditioner ELEMENT SERIES - HES-1804S -75% Energy Saver Rs. 107,768
Homage - Air Conditioner - HPS-1202S -PRISM - 1 TON - Inverter Rs. 89,999
Homage 1.0 Ton Dc Inverter Upto 75% Energy Saving Hcs-1203s 12000 Btu Heat & Cool Crystal Series Air Condition Rs. 86,699

Homage is a leading brand in the power appliances industry of Pakistan, which has been established since 2007. Homage offers a wide range of power appliances which include Solar panels, inverters, generators, etc. Homage also offers home appliances which include Microwave Ovens and Water dispensers. Homage appliances are designed with the latest technology which is safe and secure for the users.

Homage inverters are designed to relieve people from the energy crisis and give a power backup solution. Homage inverters ensure that one receives an uninterrupted power supply for the whole day. Homage inverters are well-known for their durability. Homage gives the top quality of inverters with marvelous features such as overloading protection, innovative charging system, unique modern design, etc.

Series of Homage Inverters:

There are two main series of inverters that Homage offers including the Solar Hybrid Inverters series and Home Inverters Series.

Solar Hybrid Inverters Series:

Solar hybrid inverters are those inverters that can be recharged with solar energy. These inverters are designed to improve the living conditions with hassle-free power backup. Solar hybrid inverters can be installed easily in homes and offices. These solar inverters have further series which are as follow:

  • Tron Duo Solar Inverters Series
  • Hexa Solar Inverters Series
  • Electron Solar Inverters Series
  • Vertex Solar Inverter Series

All of these can power heavy-duty appliances with multiple protection systems. These inverters accept solar input and utility at the same time.

Home Inverters Series:

Home Inverters are those electrical appliances that convert DC to AC power. Home inverters have inbuilt protection from over-heating by shutting down when near to any heat damage or over-charging. These inverters also have further series which are as follow:

  • Tron Uno Inverters Series
  • Electron Inverters Series
  • Neon Inverters Series

Electron series inverters are great for small businesses and shops, an affordable continuous power supply that can power 5 lights and 5 fans during load-shedding. These inverters have silent and automatic power backup.

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