XPOD Speakers Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

XPOD prices start from Rs. 3,900 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are XPOD HT-2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker, XPOD HT-3.1 Multimedia Speaker, XPOD Champ-12 Portable & Rechargeable Speaker, and XPOD HT-1000 Speaker.

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XPOD Speakers - Price Summary

Model Price
XPOD HT-2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker Rs. 22,500
XPOD HT-3.1 Multimedia Speaker Rs. 30,000
XPOD Champ-12 Portable & Rechargeable Speaker Rs. 23,500
XPOD HT-1000 Speaker Rs. 58,500
XPOD Q-350BT 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers Rs. 3,900
XPOD Champ-12B Speaker Rs. 14,950
Xpod BT-850+ Multimedia Speakers Rs. 14,500
XPOD Q-250 BT Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 7,200

Xpod is a brand of quality multimedia products. Their products meet the international standards of quality and have garnered the respect and admiration of its customers. They offer a wide variety of products including Multimedia Speakers, LCD TVs, Laptops, Webcams, Headphones, and MP3 & MP4 players.

Xpod Speakers reflect the company's dedication to their standards of quality. They offer a range of speakers including portable speakers, multimedia speakers, and woofer speakers.

Portable Speakers

As the name suggests, Portable Speakers are designed with features that allow you to carry them anywhere. For instance, they have a Hi-Fi trolley system with handle and stand for easy mobility. They offer other features as well including a rechargeable battery, live recording, and sound equalizer. Their accessories include a charging cable, mic, and wireless headset. A large woofer at the front provides extra bass to make them sound more immersive. The most prominent series in this category is the Xpod Champ.

Multimedia Speakers

The major categories in this segment include the Xpod HT and the Xpod BT series. Xpod HT series brings you premium quality 2.1 multimedia speakers with a Digital LCD Display, remote control, and FM Radio. They also offer versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, and SD Card input. adding to these features, the BT series offers a powerful subwoofer for a wealthier sound and aux input to enhance the overall experience. If you want a complete theatrical experience, you should opt for the Xpod Rahino speakers that offer a ground-shaking audio experience with four 6.5" woofers and also feature a mic in case you are into karaoke.

Woofer Speakers

The Xpod U-104 Woofer Speakers are designed for usage with personal computers. They have magnetically shielded multimedia speakers with a 3-dimensional mesmerizing sound. They are available in red and white colors and require USB input for sound.

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