Dry Battery Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2022 Prices

Dry Batteries prices start from Rs. 5,500 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Leoch Dry Lead-acid Battery LP12-200 (12V200Ah) VRLA-AGM, Leoch Dry Lead-acid Battery LP12-26(12V26Ah) VRLA-AGM, Leoch Dry Lead-acid Battery Lp12-18(12v18.0ah) Vrla-agm, and MCA Dry Battery 12V 200Ah.

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Dry Battery - Price Summary

Model Price
Leoch Dry Lead-acid Battery LP12-200 (12V200Ah) VRLA-AGM Rs. 65,720
Leoch Dry Lead-acid Battery LP12-26(12V26Ah) VRLA-AGM Rs. 9,381
Leoch Dry Lead-acid Battery Lp12-18(12v18.0ah) Vrla-agm Rs. 5,925
MCA Dry Battery 12V 200Ah Rs. 46,000
Narada 12V 200Ah Dry Battery Rs. 78,000
Power LP 12V-18AH Dry Battery Rs. 7,000
Power LP 12V-26 AH Dry Battery Rs. 7,200
Power LP 12V-38 AH Dry Battery Rs. 10,300
Power LP 12V-45 AH Dry Battery Rs. 10,500
Power LP 12V-65 AH Dry Battery Rs. 16,100

Batteries are a vital component to both automobiles, and in Pakistan’s case, a lot of homes as well. Not surprisingly, people are always looking for the best batteries available in Pakistan. Well, that’s a topic for another day. You’re here for dry batteries in Pakistan. But you might ask yourself, what’s the difference between wet and dry batteries in the first place? 

You have most likely seen wet cell batteries a lot in the past. They generate power from a pair of electrodes, which get their juice from an electrolyte solution. The plates are dipped in sulfuric acid. These are also called lead-acid batteries.

Dry cell batteries use a paste electrolyte. This means it has less moisture, but just enough to let the current flow. They are safer and more environment-friendly. They don’t require as much maintenance as their wet cell battery counterparts.

Let’s quickly go over a few of the popular dry batteries available in Pakistan.

Daewoo Dry Batteries

Daewoo is one of the more popular and better-known brands when it comes to automotive batteries. They are easy to use out of the box and have a quick response. Their batteries have a high cold crank amperage, which means they work well in harsh weather. You get a 1-year replacement warranty and reliable Korean technology.

We can confidently say that Daewoo batteries are a safe bet for day to day use.

EcoStar Dry Batteries

EcoStar is also one of the few reliable dry battery manufacturers out there. They are based right here in Pakistan, and their main office is in Lahore. This is important as they have decent customer service, unlike other brands. Their dry batteries are maintenance-free, have long backups and long life cycles.

They have no gas or eat emissions, so they won’t damage the environment or the people near it. Ecostar dry batteries are a great option in Pakistan.

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