Exide Battery Price in Pakistan - Latest Aug, 2021 Prices

Exide prices start from Rs. 2,589 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Exide N140 19 Plates 120 Ah Battery, Exide 6X120 15 Plates 90 Ah Battery, Exide N130 Plus Battery 17 Plates 100 Ah, and Exide N135 Plus Battery 17 Plates 105 Ah.

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Exide Battery - Price Summary

Model Price
Exide N140 19 Plates 120 Ah Battery Rs. 14,000
Exide 6X120 15 Plates 90 Ah Battery Rs. 13,200
Exide N130 Plus Battery 17 Plates 100 Ah Rs. 12,050
Exide N135 Plus Battery 17 Plates 105 Ah Rs. 12,790
Exide N180 Plus Battery 21 Plates 130 Ah Rs. 16,650
Exide N190 Battery 23 Plates 145 Ah Rs. 16,650
Exide N200 Battery 23 Plates 155 Ah Rs. 19,160
Exide N220 Battery 25 Plates 170 Ah Rs. 25,200
Exide NS240 Plus Battery 27 Plates 180 Ah Rs. 25,200
Exide 6LT180 Battery 23 Plates 130 Ah Rs. 16,750

Exide is a manufacturer of batteries based in Pakistan. Originally, the company was formed in 1953 with the help of Chloride Group PLC in the UK. Exide has received many awards over the years. This is all thanks to professional management which also led them to win Corporate Excellence Award.

Just like any other company, they believe in customer satisfaction over anything. Their batteries have consistent quality control and their customer support is decent as well. They provide automotive solutions, industrial solutions, and of course, household solutions. 

Exide powers a lot of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, and even some trains. They were originally more popular for their automotive and industrial batteries. However, over the years, they have found some success in household solutions.

Exide Lead Acid Batteries

Excide has one of the largest ranges of lead-acid batteries available in Pakistan. These include batteries for cars, motorcycles, light transport vehicles, and even for heavy vehicles like road rollers, bulldozers, etc. They are available in various ampere ratings and different plate cell counts.

There are a lot of household solutions available in the form of lead-acid batteries. Some of these include the NS240Plus, N200, N180, and more. The N190 with 23 plates and 145-ampere ratings is one of the most popular options. 

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