Sweet Touch Eyeliner Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2024 Prices

Sweet Touch prices start from Rs. 969 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are St London Intense Eyeliner.

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Sweet Touch Eyeliner - Price Summary

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St London Intense Eyeliner Rs. 969

Sweet touch is a cosmetics brand based in the UK. Among other multinational brands that are operating in South Asia, sweet touch is one of the most popular ones, especially in Pakistan. It has a wide variety of makeup and self-care products including a huge range of eyeliners as well.

Sweet Touch Intense Eyeliner: This eyeliner by sweet touch is safe to use for every skin type as it does not cause irritation or oil/sweat etc. Being waterproof, it helps to protect your makeup against water which makes it possible for you to wash your face without having to redo the eyeliner. Along with this, sweet touch intense eyeliner is also smudge-free. It does not get smeared and is easy to apply as well. As it is in the form of a marker /pen, it can be applied conveniently like a professional as the pen guides its way through your upper eyelid. This one is in deep black color which makes it perfect for special occasions as well daily use.

Sweet Touch Gel Eyeliner: This eyeliner by sweet touch is again waterproof as well as smudge-proof which makes it perfect for daily use as well as special occasions and events as it does not get affected by water and does not get messed up. However, it gets a little tricky when it comes to the application as it is in gel form, so it is not recommended for beginners. However, to ease the process for you, this product comes with an applicator which guides the eyeliner through your upper eyelid trying to make the application as perfect as possible, What sets sweet touch gel eyeliner apart from other products is that it is formulated in a way that it protects itself against external irritants such as the sunlight and humidity.

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