24K Gold Serums Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2023 Prices

24K Gold prices start from Rs. 290 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Spa In A Bottle 24K Gold Serum 15ml, Bioaqua 24k Gold Hyaluronic Esence Serum 100ml, Dr.rashel Vip 24k Gold Serum, and Dr.rashel Face Care Anti Aging 24k Gold Serum - Drl-1427.

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24K Gold Serums - Price Summary

Model Price
Spa In A Bottle 24K Gold Serum 15ml Rs. 1,400
Bioaqua 24k Gold Hyaluronic Esence Serum 100ml Rs. 649
Dr.rashel Vip 24k Gold Serum Rs. 838
Dr.rashel Face Care Anti Aging 24k Gold Serum - Drl-1427 Rs. 779
Bioaqua 24k Gold Moisturizing Serum 30ml Rs. 489
Rivaj UK 24K Gold Collagen Serum 30ml Rs. 1,024
Lanbena Six Peptides Serum 24k Gold Rs. 599
Fore Essentials- 24K Gold Serum 30 ml Rs. 1,249
24k Gold Serum Anti Aging Face Care 30ml Rs. 1,800
Dr.rashel Face Care Anti Aging 24k Gold Serum - Drl-1427 Rs. 791

The 24K gold serum helps in preventing wrinkles, and uneven bad skin, and moisturizes your face. Moreover, it also gives luster to your skin. The serum has gained immense popularity in Pakistan after the positive user reviews on their website and bloggers are also promoting it quite often. 

Dr Rashel 24K Gold Serum

Using Dr Rashel's 24K Gold serum provides the below benefits

  • Anti-aging
  • Reduces puffiness of the skin
  • Controls blemishes and clears dark circles
  • Corrects pigmentation
  • Lightens the skin
  • Anti-wrinkle serum

BioAqua 24K Gold Serum

BioAqua provides high-quality skin care products in Pakistan. The 24K gold serum has raw gold material and nanoparticles that help moisturize the skin very quickly. It improves the skin ten times faster than other ordinary products. Moreover, it is suitable for both summers and winters.

Benefits of BioAqua 24K Gold Serum:

  • Reduces wrinkles and dark spots
  • Repairs skin damage
  • Removes fine lines and works as an antioxidant
  • Revitalizes the skin and acts as a brightening agent

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