Rivaj Sunblock Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

Rivaj Sunscreen prices start from Rs. 310 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Rivaj Whitening & Vanishing Sunblock SPF-60 120ml, Rivaj Kids Swim & Play Sunblock SPF-50+ 120ml, Rivaj Fast Absorbing Sunblock SPF-90 Very High 120ml, and Rivaj Uk Sunblock Spf60 (40ml).

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Rivaj Sunblock - Price Summary

Model Price
Rivaj Whitening & Vanishing Sunblock SPF-60 120ml Rs. 625
Rivaj Kids Swim & Play Sunblock SPF-50+ 120ml Rs. 625
Rivaj Fast Absorbing Sunblock SPF-90 Very High 120ml Rs. 625
Rivaj Uk Sunblock Spf60 (40ml) Rs. 470
Rivaj Sunblock Kids Spf50 120 Ml Rs. 750
Rivaj Sunblock Spf 60 Rs. 730
Rivaj Uk High Protection Sunblock Spf60 40ml Rs. 420
Rivaj Uk High Protection Sunblock Spf 60 100 Ml Rs. 780
Rivaj Uk High Protection Sunblock Spf60 40ml Rs. 468
Rivaj Uk - Sunblock Spf50 (40ml) Rs. 310

Rivaj is one of the best sunscreens available in Pakistan with an oil-free and non-greasy formula. The SPF factor prevents the skin from UV rays and sunburn. Moreover, the majority of the sunscreens available only provided UVA protection but Rivaj provides protection against both UVA and UVB. This benefit makes it one of the best available sunscreens in Pakistan.

Rivaj is also water and sweat-resistant, which makes it perfect for the humidity and sweaty weather. The available sizes and prices are:

  • Sunblock SPF60 (120ml) Rs. 475.
  • High Sun Protection Sunblock SPF60 (40ml) Rs. 240.
  • Sunblock SPF50 (120ml) Rs. 475.
  • Sunblock SPF90 (120ml) Rs. 500.
  • Whitening and Vanishing Sunblock SPF60 (100ml) Rs. 371.
  • Sunblock Anti-Sebum SPF60 (40ml) Rs. 309.
  • Sunblock SPF90 (40ml) Rs. 240.

Benefits of Rivaj Sunblock

The most popular feature of this sunblock is that it is SPF 90. Furthermore, it is invisible, and the formula is very lightweight, which provides protection from the sun without being greasy. It suits all skin types, skin textures, and skin complexions. 

Rivaj also brightens and provides hydration to the skin. It does not even make the skin feel dry after applying like most sunscreens. The face neither sweats nor feels oily post application.

The sunscreen makes the skin feel fresh, giving a clean feel while in the sun, blocking the UV (UVA/UVB) rays. 

Rivaj has the following benefits:

  • It does not cause inflammation of the skin and does not make the skin red like most sunscreen.
  • It prevents fine lines and wrinkles, which are all signs of aging.
  • The high SPF protects the skin against sunburn.

How to Use the Sunscreen?

  • It is recommended to apply sunscreen fifteen minutes before going out in the sun.
  • The sunscreen needs to be reapplied after every three hours. Make sure the face is washed and it is not applied to sweaty or dirty skin.

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