Olivia Hair Colour Price in Pakistan - Latest Dec, 2023 Prices

Olivia Hair Color prices start from Rs. 238 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Olivia Natural Hair Colour - Dark Brown 02, Olivia Natural Hair Colour - Dark Brown 02, Olivia Hair Colour - Black, and Olivia Hair Colour 01 Black.

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Olivia Hair Colour - Price Summary

Model Price
Olivia Natural Hair Colour - Dark Brown 02 Rs. 472
Olivia Natural Hair Colour - Dark Brown 02 Rs. 472
Olivia Hair Colour - Black Rs. 280
Olivia Hair Colour 01 Black Rs. 260
Olivia Hair Colour 07 Mocca Rs. 260
Olivia Hair Colour 08 Burgundy Rs. 260
Olivia Hair Colour 02 Dark Brown Rs. 260
Olivia Hair Colour 09 Mahogany Rs. 260
Olivia Hair Colour 06 Ash Blonde Rs. 260
Olivia Hair Colour 04 Light Brown Rs. 260

Olivia is one of the best hair colors sold in Pakistan for women and every single one of them loves it. Moreover, they also have a variety of hair colors for men. The range has fifty different shades, and it is also affordable for everyone, giving them a salon-like finish from roots to tips.

Benefits of Olivia Hair Colour

  • Ammonia Free: The hair dye is ammonia free and gives a long-lasting coverage of greys for up to 8 weeks. Moreover, the semi-permanent hair color does not have peroxide and alcohol in the ingredients.
  • Healthier Hair: The visibly healthier hair color makes the hair lustrous and shiny.
  • Shades for Everyone: Olivia's hair color comes in fifty different shades and is affordable to use, hence it is the most used in Pakistan by both genders.
  • Safe to Use: It is one of the safest hair color brands because it is free of harsh chemicals.

What makes Olivia different from other brands?

Olivia’s semi-permanent hair color is ammonia free. Ammonia is said to be harmful according to experts and much more harmful compared to MEA alternatives. It evaporates very fast, which means that it stays on the hair for a short period. However, using the right hair care products is always a good idea after dying your hair. For example, keratin sprays and nourishing hair masks.

Therefore, if you want an ammonia-free color, go for Olivia’s semi-permanent hair color. It is the least damaging and lasts for eight weeks.

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