Sony PlayStation 4 Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Sony PlayStation 4 prices start from Rs. 50,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console, Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Gaming Console (500GB) - Mega Pack Bundle Price in Pakistan, PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB - Black, and Playstation 4 Slim 500Gb Ps4 Slim.

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Sony PlayStation 4 - Price Summary

Model Price
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console Rs. 161,999
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Gaming Console (500GB) - Mega Pack Bundle Price in Pakistan Rs. 131,999
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB - Black Rs. 135,000
Playstation 4 Slim 500Gb Ps4 Slim Rs. 61,500
Playstation 4 Pro 1tb Console Ps4 Pro (used) Condition 100% Rs. 94,500
Playstation 4 Slim 500Gb Ps4 Slim Brand New Rs. 102,999
PlayStation 4 slim 500Gb PS4 Slim 500GB Brand New Seal Pack 100% NEW Rs. 114,000
PlayStation 4 Console 500GB Slim Edition Rs. 74,999
PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console Rs. 119,000
Ps4 Fat Jailbreak 9.00 Playstation 4 Fat 500gb Console (used) Condition 100% Rs. 74,900

PS4 is Sony's most handsome piece of hardware. Back since the launch of Sony's first PlayStation, it has been at the forefront of gaming technology. Sony's PlayStation 4 has significantly improved the gaming experience in every way. It has a slim and beautiful console, a state-of-the-art controller, and bundles of immersive games that take you on adventures like never before.

PS4 Console

Sony nails the fundamentals with all-digital hardware and a whopping 1 TB storage. While the original PS4 Console had a mix of shiny and matte black surfaces, the new PS4 Slim has extended the matte black touch throughout its parallelogram shape. The new console is also slimmer and has curved edges unlike the sharp ones in the original version. One downside of the new PS4 slim is the discontinuation of the Optical Output port which has been removed to slim down the design.

DualShock 4 Controller

The DualShock 4 is the best controller of Sony. It's slightly larger and slightly heavier than its predecessor, yet fits perfectly in your hands. The optimally-distanced sticks and semi-concave pits in the middle are designed to bring you upscaled comfort and accuracy. The evolved triggers provide ultimate precision to enhance your gaming experience. A few minor issues include the awkwardly placed options and share buttons and comparatively shorter battery life than DualShock 3, but they are greatly offset by its overall revolutionary design and features.

Friendly UI

PS4 has a friendly UI and you can grasp its basics in no time. It also allows you to temporarily pause any game using the PlayStation button. The major upgrades from PS3 include the snuffing out of the bifurcated PSN ID system so you can directly download your profile onto the PS4. You can also check out the latest activities of your gamer friends, enjoy in multiplayer mode, and unlimited access to a growing library of amazing games.


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