Molfix Diapers Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2024 Prices

Molfix prices start from Rs. 1,273 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Molfix Diaper Pantssize 3 Midi 6-11kg -62pcsjumbo Pack, Molfix Diapersize 6xl 15+kg 24pcstwin Pack, Molfix Diapersize 4 Maxi 7-14kg 32pcstwin Pack, and Pack Of 3 Molfix Diaper Pantssize 3 Midi 6-11kg -62pcs Jumbo Packs.

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Molfix Diapers - Price Summary

Model Price
Molfix Diaper Pantssize 3 Midi 6-11kg -62pcsjumbo Pack Rs. 2,557
Molfix Diapersize 6xl 15+kg 24pcstwin Pack Rs. 1,468
Molfix Diapersize 4 Maxi 7-14kg 32pcstwin Pack Rs. 2,016
Pack Of 3 Molfix Diaper Pantssize 3 Midi 6-11kg -62pcs Jumbo Packs Rs. 6,560
Molfix Diapersize 2mini 3-6kg74pcsjumbo Pack Rs. 2,694
Molfix Diaper,size 3, Midi, 4-9kg, 36pcs,twin Pack Rs. 2,016
Molfix Diapersize 5junior 11-18kg 30pcstwin Pack Rs. 1,501
Molfix Diapersize 1 Newborn 2-5kg 48pcstwin Pack Rs. 1,273
Molfix Diaper Pantssize 6 Extra Large 15+kg -22pcstwin Pack Rs. 1,409
Molfix Diapersize 2 Mini 3-6kg 40pcstwin Pack Rs. 1,501

Molfix is a Turkish brand renowned worldwide for baby diapers. It was introduced in 1998 by Hayat Kimya and today it is popular in more than 72 countries across the world. Its products include baby diapers and baby wet wipes.


Molfix produces baby diapers with utmost care that are very gentle on your baby's skin. The water-resistant barriers prevent leakage while the green absorbent layer keeps the skin dry. These diapers do not cause any allergic reactions or rashes. Molfixbaby diapers have super elastic bands to fit your baby properly and are helpful in free movement. Hence Molfix baby diapers provide full protection to your baby and keep them healthy. 

Molfix, one of the best baby diapers brands in Pakistan:

Molfix is no doubt one of the best baby diaper brands in Pakistan. It is very affordable with good quality that's why it is popular among Pakistani moms. Its interesting 3d indicator technology is another reason for its popularity in Pakistan. This indicator allows you to check how much it is full without opening a diaper. Molfix diapers are easy to use and are very comfortable which gives mothers peace of mind.

Types of Molfix Baby Diapers:

Molfix baby diapers come in two types; Tape type and Pant type.

Tape type baby diapers are available in sizes 1,2,3,4,5 while Pant type diapers are suitable for toddlers that are helpful in toilet training. Pant diapers come in 3,4,5, and 6 sizes.

Packages and Cost:

The cost of Molfix baby diapers is according to the size of the diaper and the number of diapers in the package.

  • Molfix Newborn, 178-piece pack, Rs. 1750
  • Molfix Newborn, 48-piece pack, Rs. 1000
  • Molfix Size 2, 90-piece pack, Rs. 2068
  • Molfix Size 3, 80-piece pack, Rs. 2190
  • Molfix size 4, 72-piece pack, Rs. 2275 serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.