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As the name suggests, Feroza stone is available in beautiful and magnificent colors of blue to green. The word Feroza can be literally translated to the color turquoise which is why the stone is called Feroza stone. The mines of this rare and unique gem are found in Iran, Tibet, Arizona, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey as well as America among other places. Out of all these Feroza Stones, the ones mined from the region of Persia are the most valued ones as they are of high value and extraordinary clarity. 

Usage of Feroza Stone in Pakistan

  • The Feroza stone which represents Jupiter has many distinct uses.
  • It symbolizes calmness, serenity, and positivity. 
  • It has been used as part of jewelry for many years.
  • The Feroza stone creates harmony and balance in marital life, restoring the bliss in relationships.
  • It protects the human body from any form of illness as it restricts the negative energy from communicating with the body and has a negative impact on it. 
  • Moreover, it has healing and therapeutic abilities.
  • It enhances one’s ability to communicate and make better and more effective decisions.
  • It keeps away bad spirits and negativities.
  • Along with improving mental and muscle strength, it also enhances one’s creativity. 
  • It prevents one from falling back into the patterns of self-sabotage. 
  • It also makes one more receptive to love and forgiveness. 

Cost of Feroza Stone in Pakistan

  • Feroza stone is available at the lowest price of PKR 299 and the average price of PKR 1146. 
  • Indian Feroza Stone - 20crt is currently available at PKR 343.
  • Indian Feroza stone - 10 crt is currently available at PKR 399.
  • feroza stone Chandi Locket is available for PKR 950.
  • Indian Orignal Feroza stone 12.5-15.5 crt. Pack of 1. It is available for PKR 425.
  • Indonesia Feroza Gemstone is available for PKR 1,250.

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