Pukhraj Stone Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Pukhraj Stone prices start from Rs. 5,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Stone.

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Pukhraj Stone - Price Summary

Model Price
Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Stone Rs. 5,000

Basic Information

Pukhraj Stone, also known as Yellow Sapphire, is a gemstone that is originally found in Sri Lanka. If one is looking to purchase the Pukhraj Stone or the yellow Sapphire, their best bet is to find it in its rawest and most natural form in India and Sri Lanka. The mines of these stones are available in a number of countries all across the world that include Russia, Brazil, Rhodesia, Africa, Australia, Cambodia, Japan, and Mexico among others.


  • Like many other gemstones, Pukhraj Stones too have many astrological benefits.
  • Pukhraj stones help you have clarity of thoughts which in turn helps in effective decision making. This helps in bringing success and prosperity to one’s business or career.
  • It collects positive energy and keeps away evil eyes and negative influences.
  • Individuals who are looking to achieve an increase in their spirituality can benefit from the Pukhraj stone.
  • It also has a number of medical benefits or as we can say healing properties.
  • It helps in relieving stomach and kidney pain and problems.
  • Moreover, it also makes your immune system stronger.
  • It helps as a meditating agent and releases one’s tension, stress, and anxiety.
  • It also helps in curing diseases related to the gallbladder, spleen, and liver.

Cost (lowest and average)

  • Indian Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 8.0 carat ± 1 carat Stone for Ring (nag) is available in 1,099 PKR.
  • CEYLON Yellow SAPPHIRE (Pukhraj) Gemstone 16.5 carat Stone for Ring (nag) is available in 2,099 PKR.
  • Indian Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 21.5 carat ± 1 carat Stone for Ring (nag) is available for 3,250 PKR.
  • Yellow Sapphire ring 4.0 Carat Oval African sapphire gemstone 925 sterling silver ring is available for 7,500 PKR.
  • Indian Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 16.5 carat ± 1 carat Stone for Ring (nag) is available in 2,475 PKR. 

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