PC Power Supply Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

Power supply prices start from Rs. 6,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Thermaltake TR2 430W Power Supply, Cougar BXM850 850W 80 Plus Bronze Semi-modular Power Supply Unit, Cougar BXM700 700W 80 Plus Bronze Semi-modular Power Supply Unit, and Cougar GX-S650 650W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply.

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PC Power Supply - Price Summary

Model Price
Thermaltake TR2 430W Power Supply Rs. 15,699
Cougar BXM850 850W 80 Plus Bronze Semi-modular Power Supply Unit Rs. 26,700
Cougar BXM700 700W 80 Plus Bronze Semi-modular Power Supply Unit Rs. 20,500
Cougar GX-S650 650W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply Rs. 24,000
Cougar GX-S750 750W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply Rs. 23,000
Cougar XTC600 600W 80 Plus White Power Supply Rs. 11,000
Cougar VTE600 600W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply Rs. 13,500
COUGAR XTC ARGB Digital Power Supply Price in Pakistan Rs. 11,399
COUGAR XTC Digital Power Supply Price in Pakistan Rs. 8,399
Xpg Core Reactor 850W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply Rs. 67,000

The most important component in computers is the power supply and it is considered as the heart of a computer. The power supply provides low voltage DC power to all the computer components including motherboard, memory modules, graphics cards, storage, the processor, and optical drives by converting mains alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Choosing a power supply takes as much attention as your CPU and RAM do. Selecting it wrong can make a number of problems including instability. If you select it wisely, you will get the best possible performance and reliability.

Factors to consider while choosing a power supply:

Following are the main factors you should check when buying a power supply unit:

  • Power output
  • Protection
  • 80 Plus certification
  • Efficiency
  • Connectors
  • Fan noise
  • Cable management
  • Form factor
  • Rails

Now there is a wide range of power supply units available in the market.

Following are some of the popular Power Supply Units available in Pakistan:

Thermaltake Litepower Series Power Supply:

This power supply is designed for basic desktop computers. Its features include Haswell ready, elongated sleeved cables, ultra-quiet 120mm fan, and utmost reliability. A large 120 mm fan is very quiet in operation even when the system is under load while delivering exceptional performance. This power supply has a powerful single +12V rail. The extended black sleeved cables optimize cable management. Overvoltage protection, overpower protection, and short circuit protection make this power supply a reliable product with outstanding performance at an affordable price. It is compatible with all the desktop hardware because of the fact that it is built by using the latest ATX 12V V2.3 standard. It is built with advanced thermal efficiency which reduces the heat output, hence lowers the energy bills. Elongated sleeved cables improve airflow in the system hence increases the compatibility of hardware. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty to give you more confidence in this product. All these features with industry-leading quality control make this power supply one of the best products in the market today.

Cougar Power Supply:

Another popular name in the power supply units in Pakistan is Cougar. Cougar power supply gives up to 86% efficiency making it a highly reliable power supply. It has a 120mm silent fan with finely tuned curvature to reduce vibrations. Its durable components extend the life of PSU. Other features include Active power factor correction and up to 99% PFC value. This power supply has a compact design for all PC cases and delivers consistent power. Advanced fan curve tuning reduces the noise. It is 80 plus gold certified power supply that has optimized protections that protect all components. The DC-DC power conversion technology gives stable voltage outputs, hence provides countless hours of gaming.  This power supply is extremely reliable even at 40 degrees C or 104 degrees F. Up to 91% efficiency lowers the electricity bill. It is 14cm in length hence ensures easy installation. The strong safeguards OCP, OPP, OVP, SCP, and UVP provide maximum safety for the components of your key system. Optimized over current protection ensures stable operation protected from any harm.

XPG Core Reactor Power Supply:

This power supply provides 90% efficiency at 50% load. Fan-curve ensures quiet operation. It is compact in size having high-quality components. Equipped with 105'C Japanese capacitors, hence provides reliability. Other features include a 10-year warranty, Short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, no-load operation, under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, and surge & inrush protection. It is an 80 plus gold certified power supply and it contains Line Level Control resonant topology and 100% Japanese capacitors. Moreover, it is energy-efficient and reliable. It is compact in size with a modular design that simplifies the system and reduces clutter.   It comes in different power ranges 650W, 750W, and 850 W to cater to different needs. Even at full power load, it operates without making any noise. It is specially designed with a new manufacturing process and high-quality components. It has a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind. Moreover, it comes with a range of protection mechanisms i.e Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, No Load Operation, Surge & Inrush Protection, Over Temperature Protection, and Over Power Protection for maximum reliability and safety.

Cool Master Power Supply:

This power supply is 80 plus gold certified power supply. It has a minimum efficiency of 90%. It comes with two EPS connectors which ensure universal compatibility. The cool Master power supply features an HDB fan for effective cooling. Furthermore, this power supply comes with a 5-year warranty.

Efficiency is the most important factor while buying a power supply. So 80 plus gold certification is the ideal choice as it gives maximum efficiency. With two EPS connectors, this power supply is compatible with all current motherboards. HDB fan ensures quiet operation with effective cooling and a longer lifespan. Additional measures have also been applied to reduce ripple noise hence giving a quiet user experience. In some models, you can push your power supply up to 50 degree Celsius safely. So, high-intensity applications become more accessible. This power supply comes with a set of cables that the user can customize according to his needs. Hence it avoids cable clutter and improves airflow and provides better cooling. Moreover, its 5-year manufacturing warranty gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Corsair Power Supply:

This power supply features a 50 degree Celsius operating temperature, 80 Plus Gold certification, 120mm rifle bearing fan, semi-modular design, and all Japanese capacitors. Even at high temperatures, it can output full power. The semi-modular power supplies are ideal for basic desktop systems. They have simple installation, low noise, and lower energy use. 105 ' rated Japanese capacitors provide reliability and solid power delivery. With 80 Plus Gold efficiency, operating cost and excess heat are reduced. Flat sleeved cables make installation very easy, simple, and straight forward.  Fan operates very quietly because it doesn't have to work hard due to less heat. So you will enjoy a very quiet experience. The semi-modular design ensures that you will only use the cables you need hence avoiding the clutter and improving airflow throughout the system. Corsair power supply's fan is quieter than the ball bearing while it has a longer lifespan than the sleeved bearing. Moreover, it has clearly marked connectors to make the installation process easier and faster.

Raidmax Power Supply:

Another popular brand offering power supply units in Pakistan is Raidmax. This power supply features a honeycomb design for heat dissipation, full protection with SCO, OVP, & OPP, 120mm quiet fan, and support single +12V output for high power usage. It provides stable robust output for your system. With five SATA connectors, there is no need for splitter cables when different hard drives are installed. Moreover, protection mechanisms provide maximum safety and solid protection to your system. 120 mm fan with the smart thermal speed control circuit ensures quiet operation. It supports Intel ATX 12V V2.3 and on Intell Haswell CPU, it supports C6/ C7 power-saving mode. With all these features, the Raidmax power supply is one of the best and reliable power supply units to consider.

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