LED Lights Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

LED Lights prices start from Rs. 150 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are LED BLOWING CONTROL LIGHT, Colour Changing LED Tape Strip Light, Pack of 3 LED Fairy Lights, and Pack of 3 LED Fairy Lights.

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LED Lights - Price Summary

Model Price
Colour Changing LED Tape Strip Light Rs. 2,331
Pack of 3 LED Fairy Lights Rs. 1,328
Pack of 3 LED Fairy Lights Rs. 1,328
Pack of 10 Multicolour LED Fairy Lights Rs. 3,328
Pack of 10 Multicolour LED Fairy Lights Rs. 3,328
Blue LED Rechargeable Head-Mounted Light Rs. 1,665
Colour Changing LED Tape Strip Light Rs. 2,495
36 LED Disco Light Rs. 4,664
Blue LED Rechargeable Head-Mounted Light Rs. 1,665

LED lights or light-emitting diodes are more efficient as compared to incandescent lights. Not only do they last longer than other lights but they also rarely heat up making them an efficient source of light. It has many uses, some of which include picture lights, portable lamps, and lights used in cabinets. The duration for which most LED lights are operational is 50,000 hours. This saves the users from working on their maintenance, all thanks to longevity. As compared to ordinary lights, LED lights have a longer lifespan, lesser energy consumption, and lower cost of electricity. 

Types of LED Lights:

There are many different types of LED lights. These include

Dual In-line Package LEDs: Due to their compact size, Dual In-line package LEDs are used as a built-in part of electronics. While they have now become older and new and scientifically improved LED lights have come to light, DIPs are still in use. Keeping their size in view, they can only give out a limited amount of light.

Surface-Mounted Diode LEDs: Surface-mounted diode LEDs are the most commonly used LED lights. They are built into the circuit board and give out or emit more light than Dual In-line package LEDs. They are available in sizes SMD 3528 and SMD 5050. One is 3.55 mm wide while the other one is 5 mm wide.

Chip on Board LEDs: These are the most technologically advanced LED lights that are available in the market. They have features that set them apart from other types of LED lights such as they emit more light and are brighter as compared to others. They also have improved energy efficiency, all thanks to the brightness-to-energy output.

Best LED lights in Pakistan:

CREST LED lights: Manufactured in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi, CREST LED lights are one of the best manufacturers of LED lights in the country. According to the brand, not only will their product save and reduce electricity costs but would also save the users from getting involved in maintenance as the products are highly durable. Apart from this, CREST LED lights are environmentally friendly. Not only are they recyclable but they also create a calmer environment, all thanks to their shade, output, and uniformity.

Osaka LED lights: Osaka is one of the top brands in the country that manufactures and provides a wide range of LED products. These include LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED high bay lights, LED tube lights, LED track lights, LED bulbs, and LED tube lights among others. Osaka’s bestselling products include:

  • Osaka Rechargeable light which is available at PKR 160.
  • Osaka LED Tube light 40 Watt which is available in PKR 750.
  • Osaka LED bulb 7 watts, available in PKR 150.
  • Osaka LED flood light is available within the range of PKR 850 to 52000.

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