Oximeter Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2024 Prices

Oximeter prices start from Rs. 6,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Beurer Instant Digital Pulse Oximeter PO 30, Beurer Po 80 Finger Pulse Oximeter, Po 30 - Pulse Oximeter - Beurer, and Qardio SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan.

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Oximeter - Price Summary

Model Price
Beurer Instant Digital Pulse Oximeter PO 30 Rs. 6,000
Beurer Po 80 Finger Pulse Oximeter Rs. 22,000
Po 30 - Pulse Oximeter - Beurer Rs. 6,000
Qardio SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan Rs. 21,699
Beurer Po 60 Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter Rs. 16,000

A small machine that is worn on the fingertip to calculate the amount of oxygen in the blood and the pulse rate with the help of laser beams is known as a pulse oximeter. The amount of oxygen carried in the blood is determined by oxygen saturation. Pulse oximeters are divided into two types that are prescription oximeters that require clinical testing and over-the-counter (OTC) oximeters that are sold directly to consumers. 

Best Oximeters in Pakistan?

Some of the famous brands of pulse oximeters available in Pakistan are:

Certeza Pulse Oximeter :

CERTEZA Medical is a major manufacturer of medical equipment for various health monitoring and therapy, for a healthy lifestyle. The pulse oximeter from CERTEZA measures oxygen saturation and heart rate. Certeza pulse oximeters are used by persons who have heart failure, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and athletes who are traveling at high altitudes. Certeza PO 910 Pulse Oximeter and Certeza PO 907 Pulse Oximeter are two types of products used in Pakistan.

Most in-demand Certeza models are :

Certeza PO 907:  A small portable device supported for patients and also for outdoor activities such as hiking and running, it comes with a different display mode and a large font.

Certeza PO 910: This device is Fda approved, highly recommended for patients with respiratory and heart diseases, highly accurate, and also suited for outdoor environments with features like anti-shaking.

Senior Pulse Oximeter 

Senior Pulse Oximeters are used to monitor how well a person's heart pumps oxygen throughout the body with the heartbeat monitoring system. Senior pulse oximeters are widely used in hospitals and at home to monitor the health of people who have any illness that affects blood oxygen levels. The Senior Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a portable device and automated two-in-one saturation and pulse rate monitor with a 4 way direction configurable display.

Beurer Pulse Oximeter 

A Beurer pulse oximeter is an excellent tool for self-monitoring that allows for easy and continuous monitoring of heart rate and oxygen saturation. It's especially good for patients with heart failure, COPD, bronchial asthma, sleep apnea, and athletes. The PO 80, which has a Lithium-ion battery, the PO 60 Bluetooth, which transfers measurements to your smartphone, and the PO 45, which has a symbolic display, are among the Beurer oximeters available in Pakistan. 

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