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Mi prices start from Rs. 1,399 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C Version, Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Piston Basic Edition Earphones Black, MI Piston Hybrid Iron Ring Earphones ( Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro), and MI Earphones 2 Basic.

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Mi Earphones - Price Summary

Model Price
Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C Version Rs. 2,249
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Piston Basic Edition Earphones Black Rs. 1,490
MI Piston Hybrid Iron Ring Earphones ( Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro) Rs. 3,999
MI Earphones 2 Basic Rs. 4,050
Essager Usb Type C 3.5 Jack Earphone Adapter Usb C To 3.5mm Headphones Aux Audio Adapter Cable For Huawei P30 Xiaomi Mi 10 9 11 12 13 Rs. 1,399

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

These earphones are budget-oriented. The big deal about these earphones is they have a dual driver, making it sound clear and better. If we talk about the appearance, the MI Dual Driver Earphones have magnetic suction on the earbuds, which help avoid the tangle situation. The wires have a rubber coating, like most basic earphones. It comes with an in-line remote which has a mic with which you can answer all your incoming calls. It also features three dedicated buttons on top of it. The top and bottom buttons are volume adjustment buttons, while the mid button, when long pressed, triggers your voice assistant on your phone, and when tapped, it acts as a play/pause button.

It has a thick braided cable, not only complimenting it to be tangle-free but also adding immense durability and strength. During test runs, it could lift a 2KG dumbbell without breaking a sweat. It has a right-angled jack. In terms of built quality, it is good. If you are a rough user, they will suffice easily. From a specs point of view, it sounds viable for the price and is also comfortable to wear. Sound is the most important feature of any earphone. The Mi Dual Driver Earphones redefine your sound experience by expanding on the sound stage. These earphones are intelligent enough to sub-segment sound into highs, mids, and lows. It doesn't have any active noise cancellation activity but does cut off most ambient sound and is light to wear. One driver of the MI earphones focuses on producing sparkling treble letting high-frequency notes like that of your guitar and solos. The second driver produces rich bass complimenting the mids and the highs frequencies, making the experience a balanced one.

The packaging suggests they have high-definition dynamic bass, but falls behind when it comes to the bass. It has an overall better bass than usual earphones but not what someone would typically expect for a dual driver earphone set. In terms of mid-tones, they are a lot better than high tones. MI Dual Driver Earphones are compatible with both IOs and Android. It isn't too premium in terms of the construction or aesthetic but is pretty good for the price.

Mi In-ear earphones Pro HD

In the event that you are in the market for a decent pair of headphones, at this point you may have gone over Xiaomi's contribution. The Mi In-ear earphones Pro HD is at present is one of the first-class in-ear models. The Mi In-ear earphones totally justify the price they come at. The Xiamoi’s In-ear headphones Pro HD are designed like simply wired headphones with metal casings; they are in a frequency range of about 20 Hertz to 40,000 Hertz and have an impedance of 32 ohms. The impedance is slightly higher than most earphones, so you might need something relatively powerful to drive them. The packaging also includes a pouch for storage.

The In-ear Pro HD earphones are a blend of dual dynamic and balanced armature drivers. The dual dynamic drivers are responsible for the bass and mids-tones while the stabilized armature ones reproduce the higher-frequency. Xiaomi has utilized graphene diaphragms, which convey more extravagant and more full sounds. The earphone’s inline remote comes in a metal casing and it has three buttons for controlling music playback and call handling. And on the opposite side, it has a microphone. The buttons can be used to change the volume but cannot be used to skip tracks. Xiaomi used stretchable matte cables for these earphones and claims these are tangle resistant but, since they aren't magnetic like dual driver earphones, this statement is not true. They come with extra ear tips as well however, they are flimsy and can be hard to adjust in your ears hence making them less comfortable and the bass less effective. This makes the low-tones in the sounds non-existent, one can only hear high-tones and mid-tones. The wide frequency range in these earphones cant reproduce might also contribute to this effect to some extent.

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