Blue Lady Perfume Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2021 Prices

The Lowest price of Blue Lady Perfume in Pakistan is Rs. 175, and estimated average price is Rs. 188. Get the latest price for Blue Lady, Rasasi Blue, Blue Feeling, Pack Of, Chi Chi, Perfume Attar, Lady In, Chichi Perfume, Rassasi Blue, and other products.
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A huge part of one’s personality is cleaning up well which includes leaving behind the right scent. One can dress well, have a clean outlook, and take care of their physical appearance but in order to smell well, you need the right perfume. The kind of scent Blue Lady perfume offers is one of its kind. The one thing that speaks volumes about a person is the way they smell. In a country like Pakistan where extreme humidity make us all sweat bucket loads, smelling good is a challenge almost everyone faces, seomthing that Blue Lady Perfume can help you out with. For all the women out there, Blue Lady Perfumes have solved that problem, even if you’re on a tight budget. Blue Lady perfumes is the most popular product of the company called Rasasi Perfumes Industry which was founded in 1979 in Dubai. As of now, the company exports its famous perfumes and sprays to more than 60 different countries. Blue Lady perfume is their most popular product consists of citrus notes and fruity touches, a scent of freshness suited perfectly for people living through the unbearable heat and sweat of Pakistan.

Blue Lady Perfume Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Blue Feeling Lady Perfume Rs. 299
Rasasi Blue Lady Perfume 40ml Rs. 1,248
Rasasi Blue 2 Lady Perfume 35ml Rs. 1,140
Blue Lady Perfume For Women 40ml Rs. 299
Blue Lady Perfume For Women - 40ml Rs. 191
Blue Lady Perfume For Women - 40 Ml Rs. 400
Pack Of 2-Blue Lady Perfume & Deodorant Rs. 1,450
Blue Lady Perfume & Deodorant For Women Rs. 1,295
Perfume Attar 6mi Blue Lady Orignal-001 Rs. 249
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