Electric Guitar Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2022 Prices

The Lowest price of Electric Guitar in Pakistan is Rs. 8,299, and estimated average price is Rs. 15,233. Get the latest price for Yamaha Music, Electric Guitar, Fender Vintage, Yamaha Fsx830c, Yamaha Cpx1200ii, Yamaha A5m, Yamaha Cpx1000, Yamaha A3r, Yamaha A3m, and other products.
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An electric guitar, or an electrical guitar as some call it, is a special type of guitar makes use of one or more picks that can covert the vibrations of the strings on the guitar into electrical signals. These vibrations are produced when the guitarist plucks, taps, strums, or fingerpicks the strings on the guitar. Almost all electric guitars use a pickup that uses electromagnetic induction for detecting the vibrations. The key benefit of electric guitar over acoustic guitar is that the signals generated by an electric guitar are digital and hence these signals can be easily altered, transformed, and configured as needed to enhance the feel of the sound. For instance, you can make the sound louder or alter the frequency of the sound before it is played. Electric guitar are quite popular in Pakistan and are sold by a number of brands. The most popular brands for electric guitar are Aria, Westfield, EKO, Hofner, and Groovin Jackson.

Electric Guitar Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Electric Guitar Black Color Rs. 21,499
Yamaha ERG121GPII Electric Guitar Rs. 76,999
Yamaha A1M Electric Acoustic Guitar Rs. 131,999
Yamaha A1R Acoustic Electric Guitar Rs. 144,999
Yamaha AC1M Electric Acoustic Guitar Rs. 129,999
Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic Electric Guitar Rs. 69,999
Yamaha APX600 Electric Acoustic Guitar Rs. 91,999
Yamaha CPX600 Electric Acoustic Guitar Rs. 89,999
Yamaha FX370C Electric Acoustic Guitar Rs. 81,999
Yamaha NTX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar Rs. 64,999
Electric Acoustic Guitar Tagima 41 Inch Rs. 28,500

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