Embroidered Kurti Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2023 Prices

The Lowest price of Embroidered Kurti in Pakistan is Rs. 540, and estimated average price is Rs. 661. Get the latest price for Womens Black, Lollypop Cotton, Sun Shine, Sapphire- Embroidered, Womens Leave, Womens Pink, Zaroorat Linen, Sapphire-embroidered Lawn, Ladies Linen, and other products.
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A kurti can be defined as an upper-body garment that is predominantly worn in Pakistan and India. Though a kurti is often considered to be a shorter version of a kurta, the term generally encompasses all upper body garments which include jackets, blouses, and waistcoats. An embroidered kurti is a special type of kuri that has a design such as flowers embroidered on it. These embroidered kurti come in a vast variety of styles and designs. Some styles of embroidered kurti have the design surrounding the neck area while others have the design on the entire kurti. These embroidered kurti come in a vast variety of colors as well include yellow, red, blue, white, and black among others. If you are looking for popular brands that sell embroidered kurti in Pakistan then you should consider Sitara, Reno Nishi, ISEL, and Markhor.

Embroidered Kurti Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Women Embroidered Lawn Kurti Rs. 1,663
Womens Pink Embroidered Kurti Rs. 1,290
Womens Blue Embroidered Kurti Rs. 910
Womens Black Embroidered Kurti Rs. 799
Sapphire-Embroidered Lawn Kurti Rs. 1,395
Womens Orange Embroidered Kurti Rs. 910
Sapphire- Embroidered Lawn Kurti Rs. 1,495
Sapphire-Embroidered Cotton Kurti Rs. 2,139
Womens Sea Green Embroidered Kurti Rs. 1,290
Womens Leave Embroidered Pink Kurti Rs. 3,800
Embroidered Stitched Kurti For Women Rs. 750

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